Ascension Consciousness

I’ve had a full day with lots of action and some deep thinking. It’s time to connect with Ascension energy for this next phase of my life.

I’m busy reshaping what work I’m going to for the next nine years. It’s time to go forward with the activities that I put in my life Blueprint before I came here. I was reminded of this tonight when I went to give a talk at a lovely local group. New Directions brings like minded people together to share mind, body and Spirit information and experiences. So the opportunity to give my forecast of the energy for the next tweleve months was too good to miss. I love combining numerology, astrology, Earth’s ArchAngels and Tarot. My talk contained elements of all of these to highlight the Ascension energy shaping our world.

Of course all the talk about Ascension isn’t new. People have been waiting for Armageddon and the last days for a long time. There are all sorts of theories about how we will ascend into the heavens and collect our reward. However, I have always been cautiously optimistic that we wouldn’t need a hero to rescue us. That we would enlighten ourselves eventually and stop needing to be human beings. For a long time I’ve known that humanity is in the process of awakening to our Spirit selves. Back in 1998 I called my business Growth Into Awareness because I felt that was the journey I was on. Along with everyone else.

At the start of this year I rebirthed my business. It is now called Growth Into Ascension. The time is right to move from waking up to getting out of bed.

As I looked into the energy of the next year everything confirmed what my Guides have been telling me for the last eight years. Spirituality has to be lived not talked about. There is no hero Messiah to save us by making us play nicely with one another. Instead I know that it is time for everyone to find the Divine within themselves. Our Spirit is what will save us. Ascension consciousness is the acknowledgement that I am more than human. And that I am ready to live my life in a different way. Not a perfect way. But I have to live my spirituality to the best of my ability.

Why does that matter? I know that we are changing the energy vibration of the Earth to create positive energy conditions for the children of the future. The Crystal children who are already here in vast numbers. If I want to leave a legacy for the seventh generation I need to start acting from a higher consciousness now. And I want to share that journey with as many people as possible. My talk this evening reaffirmed the direction that my Guides have been taking me in for sometime. I am awake, I have got out of bed and now I’m taking the action that I promised myself I would. Bit by bit we can all change the world. I hope you will join me soon.

Day 429 of my blogging challenge. 

Personal Energy Patterns

imageI love numerology and have been fascinated by numbers all my life. Sometimes because I struggle with maths, sometimes because a number keeps repeating in my life and often when a sequence of numbers jumps out at me. My study of numerology is also linked to my enjoyment of astrology. It was whilst working out birth charts for people that I started to explore personal energy patterns based around star signs and numbers. Both astrology and numerology are useful ways to find out about someone’s personality, spiritual mission and life challenges. They also hint at the number patterns that form the basis of our life’s energy. Put simply, we follow regular patterns of events and if we look carefully enough at our lives we can find the cycle of numbers that are at the heart of our energy patterns.

The importance of numbers also came to the surface when I started to receive channelled information from the Earth’s ArchAngels. They wanted me to recognise that the planet also has energy cycles that last a set period of time. It’s not really a surprise why civilisations rise and fall. People, communities, countries are influenced by these energy cycles. There is a time when fresh energy rushes in and a great creative outpouring begins. There is a time when the energy becomes faded, flat or stuck and a decline in ideas, citizenship and co-operation comes about. We regularly end up destroying the creative work of  previous generations over and over again so that we can rebuild from a fresh point of view. The ArchAngels are very keen to let us know that out of what looks like decline something positive is always built. We have to be ready to look for the pattern, trust that we have survived great upheavals before and find the strength to create new choices.

So too with our personal energy patterns. I happen to have significant changes every nine years. I’m also, numerologically, a nine vibration. I have come along into this life with lots of things to complete. It’s hardly surprising that around age 18 I discovered past lives as an idea because at age 9 I felt that the religion I was born into didn’t seem to offer me many choices. My search for meaning between 9 and 18 was very much for why I was here again in the first place and what was I supposed to do. When I have had readings that tell me about my future choices they also slot more or less neatly into my nine year cycle. As I understand the flow of energy I am very aware that after a fresh blast of life changing energy at the beginning of a year 9 cycle I will be starting lots of new creative ventures. These will keep me occupied for about four years or so. At the mid point of my energy pattern I will start to complete or solidify the work I have been doing or the changes I have made. In the last four or so years I will be a bit restless, then much more restless and looking for a new challenge whilst keeping the current situations going. I will also be finding that there are things I’m getting ready to let go of. In fact, the last twelve months of any 9 year cycle can be rather hard work as I’m letting go (or having stuff dragged away by the Universe if I don’t let go) but have no idea what I’m making room for. Then the blast of fresh energy starts again.

Now that I understand about my personal Nine energy pattern I can work with it and take better care of myself. Fear is reduced because I can remind myself that this is my normal pattern, that I have been through big changes before and that, in the end, everything will work out for me. If only it would stay that simple! I have also observed that I have a 3 cycle running alongside the 9. Not in harmony with the Nine. My Three cycle started when I was in year 5 of my Nine cycle. Nines are about completion and threes are about creativity. In my working life I tend to need to change what I’m doing every three years. It’s not that I get bored or run out of steam. I have come in with so many ideas that it can be difficult to contain them all. I also want to keep momentum with generating ideas. So after about three years I want to hand on what I have already done so I can go on to the next bit of creativity. Sometimes the Nine and Three cycles work perfectly together as I’m ready to let go of work when I’m in the letting go part of the Nine cycle but every so often the personal energy cycles are out of step so I’m ready to move on in my life when I’ve just started a creative project. Moving on in my life often means moving house (I’ve done that a lot this time around) or moving in a new circle of people. Yet I might need to keep a circle of people who fit with the creative idea I’ve started.

Balancing the cycles of personal energy alongside the planetary patterns also fits in. If we are in a planetary period of letting go then new ideas will get stalled or delayed. The best times to create are when our personal energy cycles and the planetary cycle is benefiting from a fresh burst of positive energy. So how do we do that? I often have a blind spot with maths. It’s a challenge to work all the energy patterns out and apply them. That’s why looking at numerology and astrology can help clear some of the confusion of numbers away. It’s also easier to start with working out your major personal energy cycle before trying to find the minor patterns. Of course, if you are like me and are interested in history you can also look for the planetary patterns that are affecting your life. But there is another way that worked for me at first. Long before I noticed any patterns I was paying attention to my intuition. I can’t say that I would have accepted I was processing the info from the energy around me or even from my own aura. Yet I always seemed to know when there were changes going on before those changes actually surfaced in front of me. Now I know that my personal energy pattern was operating there underneath all the time. If I followed the intuitions I noticed the changes that came to happen went well. If I resisted my intuition, let my mind believe it was in control & knew better, then the changes were much harder to make.

So why find out about your personal energy patterns? Change can be one of our most challenging experiences. If, however, you have some advance knowledge or flexibility about the fact that change is about to happen you can navigate a smooth path through the ups and downs of a period of change. You also find that you have the evidence from your past patterns to confirm that you made it through all sorts of changes and will be able to do so again. Take a look back down your present timeline and notice how often your personal energy pattern repeats. Keep that info ready for the next time you are dealing with changes in your life and help yourself to sail through the choppy waters of change.

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