Astral Art: Another Connection With The Angels

AstralI’ve been Astral Annie for many years. It’s the name I adopted when I started using my intuition to give card readings. Today I was painting as the angels drew closer. They reminded me of my first business name. And said it was time to bring it forward again.

It made me laugh. When I started using Astral Annie I felt really daring. It was the start of a new adventure for me. Stepping out into the wider world to offer card readings for guidance and support. I was also nervous. Because this was something way outside my comfort zone. But I also felt sure that somehow it was something I was going to really enjoy. I have never thought about why I picked the word astral. Somehow it dropped into my head and seemed to fit. I was about to journey into the non physical realms of existence by using my intuitive connections to translate the energy of the cards. And to read for the people who chose those particular cards. At that time I had very little idea how it all worked. I just knew it did.

Recalling those feelings and thoughts today I realised what a long way I’ve come. From those tentative and uncertain steps. Now the astral realm is very much my home a good part of my life. I’ve learned to balance between both worlds and pass on the energy from one to the other. As I watched the paintings and images emerge I could feel the flow of angelic energy being imprinted on them. The transfer of unconditional love into a material object. An object ‘loaded’ to transfer that energy to anyone who is open to receive the positive flow. Not necessarily only those who are positive. The angels work the energy to give all of us a boost in any way they can. The offer is open to everyone.

It made me think again about my art page on this site. It’s now Astral Art. A place to show, share and sell these angel inspired creations. Along with the art from my connections to other Energy Beings too. I know it’s a new beginning. My art is becoming visible in the world. And my tentative steps are turning into decisive strides forward. What ability do you need to stride forward with next?

Day 964 of my blogging challenge