Assisting Each Other: Setting Aside Ego

assistingOne of the best things about meeting up with my friend and colleague Diane is that we can chat about anything. And we do chat about everything. But best of all I find it brilliant that we are assisting each other to understand our lives and our work better.

Like me Diane is also a teacher of mediumship. We have both been working with people for a long time to help them access and use their intuition. So I know we both enjoy sharing and bouncing ideas off one another. What I also like is that we always meet as equals. Neither of us has any concern that one or other is superior or inferior. We come to our work from different backgrounds, with different life experiences and through different training. Yet we both recognise we are assisting each other when we start to talk. And that also opens the door to both of our Guide Teams. It’s really refreshing to have a wider debate because both of our teams have helped us to step past the Ego Mind mine field.

I know how easy it is to drop into comparisons. To judge myself by comparing myself to others. My Guide team have been assisting me for a long time in making sure that I take myself into my Intuitive Mind as much as possible. And that I allow my own abilities to present themselves without me deciding whether they are good or not. They work on the ‘good enough’ basis. And remind me that I’m often too close in the experience to decide if I am ‘good enough’ or not. So also having someone to discuss things with is like another back up to keep me in the intuitive flow. It’s also really refreshing for me to recognise that we have both had very similar experiences of mediumship. That there seem to be some ‘givens’ to intuitive work.

Working together, assisting one another, talking it all through, we reach conclusions that are fresh inspirations. I always come away with a head full of ideas. Refreshed and ready to get back to my work. Inspired. Who do you talk to? Can you both have a conversation together from an inner intuitive place? And if you aren’t yet talking to anyone, is it time to find that person who will share, discuss and work with you equally as much as you work with them?

Day 840 of my blogging challenge