Coming Around Again: What Are Karmic Consequences

tide coming inThe Open Studio is coming around again. So today I have been trying to gather my work and do a whole host of jobs I should have begun about two weeks ago. It made me think about karma. Energy returning and gifting me back what I have given out.

I feel karma is often a challenging idea to understand. We talk about instant karma. That karma will come back and bite us on the bum. That karma will get those who have offended, hurt or mistreated us. All of these based on the idea that what I give out I get back. That my energy will be coming back to me with the results of the consequences of my actions. Yet karma is an idea based on the balance of energy. It’s not all that easy to work out whether the karma from my actions will end up creating a positive or negative ripple. Because there is always the bigger picture. And lots of work for karma agents to do. And I can never be quite sure what aspect of what I have given will be coming back.

If I am a karma agent then I’m doing what I am doing so others get their own energy back. Does that screw up my karma? Not if it’s already a mess from my past lives karma. And what of the karma generated by group, nation and world situations. Is some of that coming back to me? Even if I stay silent, passive, do nothing? The reality is that trying to understand karma is a challenge all of it’s own. That’s why I always pause before i ask for someone to get their karma back. Am I asking for the right reasons? Or is it because I am playing the One Up, One Down game? Am I letting myself of the hook by avoiding taking responsibility for my own actions? So I’ve been coming to a different understanding of the law of karma.

I take action and move through this world with an inner intent. That what I do is the best or greatest good for all of us. I work at making my energy the best and most positive that I can in the full knowledge that I will be sharing it with everyone. And I only ask for karma to be returned where it will do the most good. In effect, that it balances out the consequences of mine and others actions. Tread lightly where karma is concerned. You never know what might be coming back to you.

Day 952 of my blogging challenge