Blah, Offline, Downtime: There Are Days Like This

blahIt’s been a blah day. I’ve been feeling slightly out of sorts. My intuition has been offline too. And my head is certainly ready for some downtime. I have been able to do what I’ve needed too. However, my head has felt like it was somewhere else. And my body has wanted to curl up and rest.

Feeling blah can be a bit of an issue when I have appointments booked. Do I cancel the catch up with friends? Or my Reiki treatment? Should I turn away the distressed lady who has questions about her loved ones that need answers? And what about getting the car MOT’d. It happened to be the last day of the previous MOT so not a lot of choice with that. As always, what I did was carry on with my commitments. My Guides have a way of organising things if I’m really not meant to be working. They also have a wonderful way of stepping in and making sure I have a lovely flow of positive healing energy with me all the time.

Because blah days always crop up. It’s no different for mediums or psychics than for anyone else. Although I might get a warning that I’m going offline or that it’s going to be a downtime day. I still have to take the time out when it happens. Or I have to do the things that are necessary. And that is where my Guides will help me out. But I also know all our Guides will help anyone out. All that is required is permission. I have to ask for the helpful energy because it’s a matter of free will. My Guides can’t act if I don’t want them to. Today I asked. As I do every blah day. In my head I call for help. Or shout if necessary. Then I step back and let them send me what I need. I also use my Reiki to self-heal too. That way I am taking positive action and so are my Guides. Together we work to get me through my day.

So now I’m writing my blog. The last action of my blah day. I hope to wake up a whole lot more connected, grounded and well tomorrow. Because one blah day is enough for me at the moment!

Day 880 of my blogging challenge

Angelic Support: Help Is On Hand If You Ask

angelicThere are days I know I don’t want to live through again. I know I’m not the only one who finds some things in life extremely challenging. But I am sure I get through with the hep of angelic support. Like tiny miracles the right kinds of help appear in front of me.

Thankfully those days are few and far between. The feeling that life has sucked away all of my energy and the gloom of events is pulling me under. Or that something is happening that leaves me stunned and numb. Loosing a loved one certainly made me feel like that. Struggling with poor health definitely got me feeling that way. Juggling my pennies and what seemed like a non-existent income pushed me into that gloom. Yet in the middle of it all I remembered to ask for help from the angels. From being a small girl I was always encouraged to reach out to the angelic realm when I needed anything. Anything at all. And if, at times, it seemed like they didn’t deliver I was advised to keep asking.

It’s actually turned into a life long habit. Made more significant for me when I started to sense the angelic realm for myself. Until that point I was taking their assistance on trust. As if the help that seemed to turn up could have had a logical explanation. Because I was somewhat at war with myself over what I believed. Eventually I had conversations with angels. And I don’t actually care if anyone else feels they are real or not. They became real to me. So I have continued to ask for their support. I have also learned to ask the people around me for support too. Not always directly. But certainly finding a way to request and get help. So when I am deeply troubled the angelic realm is my first call. Followed by a shout out to everyone else around me.

To me living means meeting each day’s events as best I can. If those events floor me or wobble me I will always turn to my angelic companions for help. And I accept everything they send me knowing they are doing their best to lift me. If your day takes a turn for the worst ask the angels to get you through it, to smooth it over or to send you the people down here you need. Asking takes only a moment and I know the angels like to give.

Day 788 of my blogging challenge

A Network Of Support: It’s Good To Share

NetworkI went to a network meeting today. I hadn’t been for a while but I felt it was time to go along again to see old friends and meet new ones. It was a lovely meeting.

As most things do, it got me thinking. About how hard I find it when I feel I don’t have a support network around me. Or how good I feel when I can offer someone support. It feels like a priveledge sharing the highs and lows of the people I care about. And such a blessing when they share mine. Yet I’m also aware of the times when I felt like I had very little or no support around me. Times perhaps when I wouldn’t ask for what I needed. Days when I felt like I was to blame for finding myself in a big mess. But unable to work out how I’d got there or how to get out of it. Those were the times when I felt my network had disintegrated and disappeared. Until I finally found one support system that never leaves me.

When I opened up to the Intuitive information I was receiving through my psychic senses I found a whole new network of connections. I discovered my Spirit Guides. Not just one. But many different Energy Beings who wanted to support me through all the ups and downs. Every single time I needed them. Without fail. Although I didn’t always ask for support they helped me to learn that sharing my dilemmas and successes I could make much faster progress than keeping it all to myself. In fact, at one point, they used to put a line from the song by Beautiful South in my head. As soon as I heard ‘you know your problem, you keep it all in’ I would check what I was holding back on saying. How great to have networks of support from the people around me plus the support of the Guides.

Today reminded me that I know a lot of people who are willing to share the support. And I can offer support too. I’m looking forward to expanding my network at the next meeting. Is it time you shared and expanded your support network?

Day 695 of my blogging challenge