Chat With Loved Ones And Friends Over The Miles

ChatMy day started in the early hours. I had an online chat with a friend in another country. The wonders of modern technology got us face to face even though there are miles between us.

When I think about my younger self I’m always amazed by our technological strides. I used to have a pen pal. We wrote letters to each other because phoning was too expensive. I would eagerly await the next letter so we could continue our chat. Of course even by air mail it would take a few weeks for the exchange of replies. But it was a glimpse into another world. She was in a country on the other side of the planet. It seemed very far away to me. As I got older the world began to communicate more. Mobile phones and computers were a faster kind of communication. I could chat more easily with my family and friends and email sort of killed my letter writing.

So sitting having a chat over Skype last night I was struck by how young people have so much more ease with chatting to people online. Setting aside some of the online stuff that is challenging I am fascinated by the speed with which we can connect continents and countries. The rest of my day has been spent doing mini readings. Connecting to the loves ones of people who want a chance to chat with the people they love. I couldn’t help but notice how much like an online conversation it was. And had a quiet giggle to myself that I was the latest technology to make that happen. Actually it’s been over one hundred and fifty years that my kind of technology has been around.

It feels as if it’s time for the Spirit World to send us all an upgrade. Or some new software to make having a chat easier. So my chat filled day has got me excited. I’m wondering when I will get my new, improved program to help me connect people up faster, easier and more clearly. I must ask my Guides when it’s due to be installed!

Day 733 of my blogging challenge