Shedding A Skin – Taking It On Trust

sheddingI had another wide awake night. The blast of positive energy flowing over me kept me alert. My thoughts were like lightbulbs going off. One after another after another. Shedding the misunderstood, puzzled or confused thinking I have been doing. Before I fell into a deep sleep I felt another skin float away from me.

My personality is built up of many, many layers. Each one added as I’ve encountered what life has brought to me. Experience has hardened me in some ways. Changed my patterns or expectations. Now, like a snake, I am busy shedding these layers. Peeling off the skin to find what is deep inside. This process has been going on for a long time. I could date it back to when I was eighteen. Or 1987. Also to 2000 or 2005. All the times when I took a big leap forward. When I stopped accepting that I couldn’t change. And started thinking about what I could become.

These times of growth always involve a shedding. Taking off the old me and putting on the new one. That can feel easier or harder depending on whether I let myself see that I am growing a new skin. But however challenging or smooth I make the process I know one thing. The process will continue to happen. Until I have reached the heart of who I am. So that I can contribute my abilities in the best way for the people who need what I have to offer. That can feel difficult. Because this world contains so many judgements. There are far too many should, musts, oughts and duty. They burden all of us down.

Instead of being let grow into our true nature we are left shedding other people’s expectations of who we should be. For them. It’s like we can’t be allowed to be our real, whole selves.

Yet I know, as a community of spirit beings, we can trust that the best will come for all when each of us is allowed to be ourself. And that’s the tricky sticking point. The lack of trust. I don’t trust me to be me. Experiences have shown me that other people don’t like me. So I carry a fear of rejection. Instead of being proud of who I am I mute my energy signal. I only give a little instead of as much as I can. And instead of accepting that not liking me is the responsibility of the other person. It’s their choice. And, of course, their judgement.

Shedding my latest skin has also been an acknowledgement that there was still a part of me that yearned to be liked. A bit of me that would do anything to please another person. That layer came into being early in my life when I found that people, school and religion judged me. In fact it has been around in a lot of my life situations. Driving the outcomes and giving me limited choices. In this Moon month I knew it had to go. I have lots to do yet with my life. Things I can’t achieve if I hold on to that layer of fear. In the middle of last night I took a step forward with trust. I let that layer release. Now I can do my work without fear that I will be disliked.

Shedding layers may leave me feeling a little raw for a while. With this one I was glad to see it go. So it probably won’t be long before my new skin toughens up. I am taking my future on trust. It will be whatever my Spirit Within has planned for me. Are you limiting yourself because your ‘skin’ is too tight? Time to trust and let the shedding happen!

Day 863 of my blogging challenge

Twelve: Radiating the Light

Ascension1Are you noticing twelve? Do numbers around you add up to twelve all the time? Once you start noticing numbers it can become an intreaguing habit. I love numerology. I adore how numbers creep in everywhere. It’s amazing that the Universe is built of numbers. Our planetary vibration has been 9 for a long time – the number of completion & triple creativity. Three represents all of creation, our creativity and manifesting new creative choices. However, the vibration is slowly changing to 12 – comprising of the number of creation (3) and the number of the angels (4) who represent Divine Radiance. This is an Ascension process in which we are a strong part as we can create and manifest more Light. It’s time for the intuitive, Divine feminine energy to come into effect. This means we are being challenged to let go of old ways of feeling, thinking and doing.

Not an easy task. Life appears simpler when we think we are in control of our destiny. What we haven’t realised is that our beliefs have turned into mechanisms that control our creativity, our intuitive connection with the Divine source and drive us to stay safely within the comfort zone we have established for ourselves. New models of living together as a global community are being put in front of use. From the smallest group situations (families, employment, education) to larger issues of the equal rights of all humans to food, shelter, compassion and growth (countries, economic zones, law & industries). In all of these we are being asked to shine more of our Light. We are being requested to find creative ways to honour the needs of the whole of humanity. We are also being challenged to balance our needs against those of our planetary home and all the other life that exists here. No small task then.

There are things we can do. I believe that our ability to shine our Light, to become ┬ámore radiant, can be increased when we pay attention to our intuitive senses. I also believe that the radiance of the Angels is here to help us receive more of the Divine Light. We can receive their energy to help us remove anything that has dimmed our own spark. But you don’t have to believe in Angels to clean up your act. The energy vibration from twelve is calling on you to make more creative choices. To generate compassionate creative solutions that will help the people around you to also move forward. I’ve written before about finding your ‘tribe’. I’m fortunate to have many creative people connected with me. The Light they shine inspires me. We collaborate on projects to increase the radiance (whether for the Earth, the animal kingdom or for humanity) so that, bit by bit, other will be encouraged to shine their inner Light too. Have a look around you today. Notice the twelves and allow your intuition to connect you to your creative flow. Who knows what will happen when you step onto the Ascension path.

Day 120 of my blogging challenge (a four!)