Armageddon- An Ending? Or Beginning?

I love when I can have a discussion that makes me think. Today it’s about Armageddon. Not one of my usual topics because I prefer to see human  behaviour as a continuum rather than good or evil. Yet Thin Places call for us to consider what we believe about this reality.

And whether some kind of Armageddon is about to happen. The biblical suggestions of this interesting word centre around the idea of a God who will rescue his believers from the oppression of their enemies. This God will arrange to smite all the baddies at some kind of major gathering of armies and kings. Only the true believers will be saved. Certain battles have already been claimed in ancient texts as Armageddon-like events. But there is one book of the New Testement in Christian bibles that goes into much greater detail about a battle to end all battles. And apparently that is still to come. The book of Reveleations is quite a revelation.

My wonderful friend Maura, a talented medium and guide to sacred places, reminded me of another prophecy. Within the works of Nostradamus there is said to be a suggestion of a third great Anti-Christ, possibly connected with the sound of trumpets, who brings about the war to end all wars. I know that reading the Nostradamus predictions can be hard work. And making sense of them even harder. Because we are looking back when he was looking forward. Much the same as John was doing when he recorded his vision or Revelation. So does this connection to trumpets predict that the current President of the United States will be responsible for a war that wipes out the world?

I have always been fascinated by the idea of Armageddon. Of an apocalyptic event that causes all of life as we currently know it to cease. That’s also been a strong thread within science fiction writing for the last 150 years.

But are we destined for destruction? Certainly all things end at some point. But usually because something new has taken it’s place. Where once there were at least three or more species of humanity we are now all one type. Are we the most efficient version of the human race? Possibly for now. Will we always be? Probably not. So change has to happen. Something has to tip the balance. I believe that what we are dealing with right now is that shift. Just as the Thin Places encourage us to rethink our understanding of time and space because they challenge our definitions of what is real I feel that the emotional energy now being expressed is a revelation too. There is a choice fast approaching.

How we respond to the reality of our inner human emotions will determine what we share as an outer experience. Armageddon may not be a time of aggressive destruction for power over and control of others. It may instead be the willing destruction of old, worn out ways of unequal living. A clearing of the ground so that we can build anew. Not a time to fear but an experience to welcome. Can we rise above the fear and approach these challenges with love and positivity? I know that letting go of old patterns is hard. So the time to start doing so is right now. I’m aware that I still have the capacity to be angry, frightened or overwhelemed. Made powerless by thinking that human nature can’t be changed.

Perhaps that will prove to be the case. But I’m going to work very hard to rise above these emotions. To do the best I can to hold a positive view of the possible outcomes. And to trust in a new world where destruction is gentle, powerful and leads to reconstruction.

Day 455 of my blogging challenge.

Ascension Consciousness

I’ve had a full day with lots of action and some deep thinking. It’s time to connect with Ascension energy for this next phase of my life.

I’m busy reshaping what work I’m going to for the next nine years. It’s time to go forward with the activities that I put in my life Blueprint before I came here. I was reminded of this tonight when I went to give a talk at a lovely local group. New Directions brings like minded people together to share mind, body and Spirit information and experiences. So the opportunity to give my forecast of the energy for the next tweleve months was too good to miss. I love combining numerology, astrology, Earth’s ArchAngels and Tarot. My talk contained elements of all of these to highlight the Ascension energy shaping our world.

Of course all the talk about Ascension isn’t new. People have been waiting for Armageddon and the last days for a long time. There are all sorts of theories about how we will ascend into the heavens and collect our reward. However, I have always been cautiously optimistic that we wouldn’t need a hero to rescue us. That we would enlighten ourselves eventually and stop needing to be human beings. For a long time I’ve known that humanity is in the process of awakening to our Spirit selves. Back in 1998 I called my business Growth Into Awareness because I felt that was the journey I was on. Along with everyone else.

At the start of this year I rebirthed my business. It is now called Growth Into Ascension. The time is right to move from waking up to getting out of bed.

As I looked into the energy of the next year everything confirmed what my Guides have been telling me for the last eight years. Spirituality has to be lived not talked about. There is no hero Messiah to save us by making us play nicely with one another. Instead I know that it is time for everyone to find the Divine within themselves. Our Spirit is what will save us. Ascension consciousness is the acknowledgement that I am more than human. And that I am ready to live my life in a different way. Not a perfect way. But I have to live my spirituality to the best of my ability.

Why does that matter? I know that we are changing the energy vibration of the Earth to create positive energy conditions for the children of the future. The Crystal children who are already here in vast numbers. If I want to leave a legacy for the seventh generation I need to start acting from a higher consciousness now. And I want to share that journey with as many people as possible. My talk this evening reaffirmed the direction that my Guides have been taking me in for sometime. I am awake, I have got out of bed and now I’m taking the action that I promised myself I would. Bit by bit we can all change the world. I hope you will join me soon.

Day 429 of my blogging challenge.