Angels Wait For My Call: If I Ask For Help

angelsIt’s been a day full of angels. Questions and answers from others about the nature and presence of and angel. As well as me asking for their help with my projects. And getting confirmations of their help.

I always loved angels. When I was a child I was fascinated with the idea that I had a Guardian Angel looking out for me. Some of the things that happened certainly made me wonder if they were there. I had no barrier to the idea of angels. Most children don’t. Who would want to reject the idea of a being who would care when no one else did. Who loved you even when you were naughty. And who would keep on loving and helping eternally. As a child I had no real sense of what eternity meant but I knew to ask my Guardian Angel if I needed help. Of course, as I grew up the idea of angels faded. Perhaps the help I expected didn’t come. Or the world became harsher.

In the back of my mind I retained a thread of memory about angels. Whilst dismissing them as a childish story told to help frightened children. But there were times I distinctly remember asking for angelic help. And getting it. It was just that I dismissed the help with rationalisations. And logic. Then I started to work with Energy Beings and angels were back on my agenda. Especially when I started to meet them. They reminded me that they are always present in my life. All I have to do is to ask. Because I have free will and they can’t cross that line. They also pointed out that they had been communicating with me all along. Through every difficult or challenging experience. But there was nothing they could do if I chose not to listen.

They have asked me to remind everyone that they stand ready to help. They are only a thought away. If you are facing something that is hard or challenging please give the angels a shout. Let them send in the energy, ideas, inspiration and solutions you require. Stay aware of the signals they are sending and know that you have all the help you will ever need.

Day 774 of my blogging challenge