Paper All Aglow: Channelling Parashiel

paperIt’s been what I call a ‘spaced’ day. A day when I found myself connecting to ArchAngel Parashiel and capturing his energy on paper. Of course I’m having an open house soon. I’m in the Hebden Bridge Open Studio weekend. No wonder this angel wants to get his vibration on display!

I had zipped over to my artist friend Kirsten as we often share painting days. However, I’ve been working on drawing Spirit faces for a little while. So I only had my charcoal pencils with me. After a couple of drawings I felt that I needed to get into colour. Fortunately Kirsten has a drawer full of paints so I dipped in to see what I came up with. Sitting back down in front of my blank sheet of paper I had no idea what to do. I already felt like I was floating in the energy so when I picked up the pistachio green I knew that Parashiel had joined me. He loves to share healing energy in every shade of green. Especially the bright greens.

Painting the background on my paper I wondered what else would be added. I have to say I wasn’t very surprised to find that the other colours were shimmering highlights. In the end the picture turned into a rainbow of colours that appear when the light is in the right place. I felt that was really appropriate. Most of us are unaware of our rainbow colours. How our aura is an ever changing light show. Threaded through our base colour are all sorts of wonderful highlights. I love the way the ArchAngels help us to understand and see our ‘shimmer’. Each time I work with them they radiate more colours for me to share too.

When I allow their colours into my aura it means I can share the energy vibration to anyone who connects with me. From paper to me to everyone around me. What a lovely way to spend a painting day with Parashiel, Etieliel and all the other angels. And to have some wonderful intuitive energy paintings to send out into the world too.

Day 935 of my blogging challenge

Heal With Energy Carried By ArchAngel Wings

healToday is the day I do my live broadcast on my Facebook page Letters From The Light Side. I’ve been doing these weekly broadcasts for more that twelve months now. Although I was initially reluctant to start. Even though my Guides told me that the videos would help people heal themselves.

Tonight my favourite healing ArchAngel came into the channelling. Parashiel works to spread his Balm to all of the healers on the planet. And that’s an awful lot of us at the moment. Our task is to heal Mother Earth and all of her inhabitants. To share the power of love and compassion so that we deal with the fear that surrounds us. I know that the healing has to start with me first. I have to deal with all of the stuff that has warped me. Turned me away from my Spiritual self. Kept me from being kind to myself and others. As if I have forgotten my authentic self.

Some of this energy is being released through my dreams. But there are still some parts of me hidden from view. In the end I know I might have to work a little bit harder to find them. And to heal them may be a bit of a challenge. They will be hidden for all sorts of reasons. However I know I have help. I have the energy of Parashiel’s Balm. A constant flow of loving and empowering energy. It feels like a warm hug from the inside. Exactly what I need to deal with the stuff that is out of sight and out of mind. Because I am determined to move my life forward. There is a whole new me waiting to have adventures when I heal myself.

Finally, there is another important reason for me to heal myself. I know we are all connected in the flow of energy. If I am well and happy that positive energy contributes to a positive flow of energy towards others. I am surrounded by wonderful people, animals and a planet that gives me everything I require or desire. Therefore I want all of them to enjoy the healing energy carried to me by an ArchAngel’s wings.

Day 910 of my blogging challenge

Parashiel: The ArchAngel Of Earth’s Healing

ParashielI’ve had a lovely day doing readings at one of my favourite places, Gallery 339 in Halifax. Whilst I was setting up for the readings I found myself sitting with ArchAngel Parashiel at my side. I knew that the messages today were all intended to bring powerful healing.

Parashiel stepped into my life several years ago along with the other Earth’s ArchAngels. These Energy Beings are the Earth’s Guardian Angels bringing the wisdom and energy we all need to rebalance and transform the Earth. Parashiel has a particular responsibility. He works hand in hand with ArchAngel Raphael to inspire and work with all healers. Being up close and personal, so to speak, means Parashiel can boost the healing energy available in the healing process. I have worked with him in my healing energy practice for a couple of years now. So I felt really excited to bring his energy into the mix with the loved ones who were stepping forward from the Spirit side.

Because I also know that his energy brings about powerful shifts in the people who choose to recieve and use it. This year is all about powerful shifts. I know that it’s time for me and others to really dedicate ourselves to the mission we came for. My life purpose is calling me forward. But I have to be free of all that I have let hold me back. That is where Parashiel helps. He steps in and lift the energy from me simply and easily. Reminding me that I am powerful in my own life because I have choices. Keeping me focused on giving the best of myself. And removing the fear based blocks I have put in my own way. Parashiel encourages me to connect to my intuition and recieve all the help and support I need.

No wonder the energy transfer is a powerful process. And that I am grateful to work with this ArchAngel passing on the healing energy to others. My day is ended and it has been a very healing one. For me and others. I hope tomorrow will be the same.

Day 779 of my blogging challenge 

If you would like to recieve a blast of Parashiel’s energy please click to pop over to YouTube for the video

Walking Towards Wellbeing: ArchAngel Help

It’s funny how themes pop up in life. I was writing some information about wellbeing today and ArchAngel Parashiel stepped in. Since he’s usually around when healing is required I paused.

Of course my Guides and Inspirers have been talking about the energy waves we have all been experienceing since last September. They have spoken to me about the shift due from 24th May to 10th June. And they have made sure it has been mentioned in my Letters From The Light Side videos too. What they want is to help me understand what  the shift represents. As well as how to deal with it. ArchAngel Parashiel is part of that story. He is the Earth’s Guardian angel responsible for all of the healing done here. It’s his task to guide us to wellbeing and away from dis-ease. That’s quite a job at the moment. Because, as he explained today, we are still focused on physical symptoms of energetic stuckness.

I have been discussing my own energy with him for a long time. Learning how to balance what I give and receive. Also ensuring I’m letting go of my stuck energy from earlier times in my life. Parashiel has also been working with me to teach me his forms of energy healing. That has required me to meet my inner energy issues head on. In my journey towards wellbeing I have asked to work with those who are serious about healing themselves. Knowing that anyone who chooses to do that is opting for action over words. I’ve been very happy to move people off the treatment couch into their new lives. In return I have been able to make progress on myself too.

So why did he step in today? What aspect of wellbeing was up for discussion?

The next bout of energy is a bit like a dose of chemotherapy. It’s a cocktail of different types of energy designed to bring the rubbish to the surface so I can release it. So the next couple of weeks are going to be a bit turbulent. I’ve been asked to take care of my own personal energy. To rest when I need to. Letting negativity pass me by whenever I’m near it. And to stay away from the dramas of others. A bit like being in quarantine apparently. I will need to do that so I can release all of my stuckness about who I am and why I’m here. There will also be time for me to really appreciate myself. To embrace all that I am. And let judgements about myself go.

I know that learning to love myself is tough. There is so much to strip away so I can see my own strength and ability. These are what I can offer to share with others. My wellbeing is me being myself. Whole. Complete. Balanced. That’s how each of us must be to move forward. Our authentic self. This journey will take some people longer than others. But each step is a positive if we allow ourselves to keep walking. Parashiel is there with his loving support to push us to keep going. I know I need help to stay focused on being well. It’s almost too tempting to say I’m stuck with things as they are. Yet until I take action for myself my life will drift along with more of the same.

So even if the energy waves are intense I’m going to make the most of them. I have Parashiel at my side with his healing Balm. Wellbeing is my goal. It’s time for action!

Day 546 of my blogging challenge

You can receive a healing wave from Parashiel through the video here on YouTube

Rediscovering Selfhood

I’ve been thinking about selfhood today. When I work with Parashiel’s Balm healing energy I notice how often people make great shifts in their emotional energy. It’s as if the presence of this ‘hug from the inside’ trips a little power switch that cause a surge of I Am energy.

That I Am realisation seems to be all about selfhood – the quality that constitutes one’s individuality; the state of having an individual identity. So often I am defined by partial aspects of myself. Daughter, sister, mother, teacher, customer and so on almost endlessly. I could add painter, writer, therapist, Reiki healer. Each one is only a part of the whole me. And each one is a shortcut to knowing me. That’s what we do. We use the aspect that be come into contact with to assume we know everything, or almost everything, about another person. I know the same could be said for a country, a team, the opposite sex even.

But selfhood is much more than a list of attributes. Or roles I play. I am much more than the assumptions that go with the labels. Somewhere in the middle of all these different views of me is a more authentic person trying to get out. Because I want to be acknowledged for all that I contribute to my life. And to see myself as a whole person. I feel that’s where the difficulty with selfhood arises. Many of us have a very shaky grasp of individual identity. Family, school, friends, work colleagues, bosses, landlords, sales people. All of these, and many more, expect me to conform to a generally accepted range of behaviours and reactions. I can be myself but strictly on their terms.

It’s clear my desire to embrace, explore and expand my selfhood can be blocked. I can make myself feel all sorts of judgements and guilt. Feelings that deny me any sense of individuality.

I know that the way to move from being blocked is to recognise the judgements. Then to remove their influence. I may be a carer or a mother. It might be a responsibility I’ve chosen to take on. Especially if I wish to express my love for someone. However, that doesn’t mean that the person I am caring for or being a mother to has no role to play. The effect of the Parashiel’s Balm energy is to remind me that I Am. So is the other person in the relationship. We both have to act from our selfhood when collaborating together. Honouring and respecting the nature of what each of us contributes to the other. Because together We Are.

For me that is the end conclusion of selfhood. If I live as I really am, if others experience me as I really am, then I can experience them as they really are. Together we can recognise our similarities. The full meaning of I Am Annie can be blended with the I Am-ness of all those other people. When each of us contributes exactly what that I Am represents we have a way of co-creating a very exciting world. A world of collective selfhood. Where each unique quality I and you possess is available to be used in the best possible way for all. I’m delighted that working in ArchAngel Parashiel’s energy brings to this world the understanding of service for the greater good. Each person who discovers their I Am is ready to work from an Ascension consciousness. Which means lots more hugs on the inside to go round.

Day 451 of my blogging challenge.