Trustworthy? Testing The Spirit Information

trustworthyI spent my day at a Mind, Body, Spirit Fair. It was a warm and positive occasion. I was there because I have learned the meaning of trustworthy. My Guides can be relied on because they are honest.

This came up in a couple of conversations as I talked about my book. I attended the Fair taking my book and CDs with the request from my Guide Team that I focus only on my writing. It made me very aware of the start of my public life as a medium. A reluctant medium to be sure. At best I stepped into my own spotlight because I was curious. Not at all because I thought I could be a medium. But I took what my Guides said on a sort of half trust and tried my best to do what they asked. However I do remember turning them down on several things I really was scared to do. They parked those requests and came back to them when they had ‘proved’ they were more trustworthy. And, of course, when I had proved that they could trust me too.

Although I wasn’t really aware that I was being tested to see if I was trustworthy. I felt I was ┬áhonestly doing my best to deliver on what they wanted. Although I did learn along the way that the honesty required meant a journey into finding my authentic self. Plus learning not to think about what others felt, thought or said about me. Then finding myself letting go of control so the Guide Team could steer my progress. To the point where I have stopped doing things they wanted me to stop. And started doing things they have asked me to focus on now. Like my writing and painting. I have tested, and they have confirmed, every request they have ever made of me. So that we trust one another enough to work the energy in the best possible way. Together.

I realised today that I look for others to be trustworthy now. Not in the sense of a blind trust in one another. But in a much more positive way. I look for the actions that people do. As well as trying to live as authentically as I can. When we all share a bond of trust – of honesty – the magic can really happen. Exactly as it did for me today.

Day 934 of my blogging challenge

A Writer: From First Person To Every One

writerA thread of thought has been in my mind for a little while now. It drifts in and out when I sit down to write my blog. I think about becoming a writer. What it took to start, how I have the discipline to continue and what happens afterwards to what I write.

I know quite a few people personally who I would consider to be writers. I look at what they share with a kind of awe. How did they manage to tap into my head so well that they write about ┬áthe same questions I have. Some of them would never give themselves the title of writer. Yet when I read their work I know that they are in the flow of their own creative energy. In fact I have bought many books only to feel that the writer isn’t actually a writer. So what do the writers I admire do differently. Firstly, they follow that good piece of advice – they write about what they know. Because that usually reveals something about themselves. And as their story (whether fact or fiction) emerges I get a glimpse of their world. I’m let into their inner space for a short while.

These writers communicate by using the personal. They put their personal in front of every one to say ‘here, if you can use this please do so’. Even if they write in the third person. When I began blogging I had a pile of journals, notebooks and jottings stashed away. Putting things down on paper has been a habit for most of my life really. Especially when setting off on anything new. But I had to think about how a blog would work. I could stuff it full of facts and statistics. Or use the ‘every one knows’ kind of statements. Even debate popular opinions. However, I also felt that would restrict me in some way. I understood that to be a writer in the way I wanted I had to discuss my personal experience. Because it works better at explaining what my life is really like.

That’s the aim for me as a writer. My experiences of life are by no means unique.

So if I share my personal world for a moment or two someone else may identify with it. I am a product of my experiences. We all are. But I know that we all share many common or similar experiences. And letting my world be open may give someone else a sense of connection to me. Through our similar experiences we can be on the same wavelength for that fraction of a second. Thinking about myself as a writer I also know that I would like my writing to promote positive energy and change in my world. If I can connect for that second, be open and sharing with someone for a moment, then we can agree that we are the same in some way. Because right now there is too much made of differences. And not enough of similarities.

With my writing I explain who I am and invite others to take a look at me as I move through my life. And I invite others to do the same and share their stories (Inspired 2 Write is one of my projects). There is something very honest that emerges from writing from the first person to each other. We begin to see past the restrictions of culture, race, gender, religion, sexuality. Past the assumptions and judgements that seem like a thick glue when we are trying to talk to each other. Writing isn’t about everybody agreeing. It is all about promoting debate and understanding. Even within myself. Writing as ‘I’ helps me own my inner world so I can address the parts of it that need to change. Because all of us need to change. The world needs honesty and clarity right now.

One of our oldest traditions is storytelling. By writing it down we preserve those stories for the future. Voices caught, held and ready to be heard again even if the person is long gone. How wonderful to pass on an honest account of all of our shared lives. I’m certain that starts with writing about ‘me’.

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