Persistence Pays Off: Or A Tale About Stubbornness

persistencePersistence. That’s what I like to call it. When I’m doing readings for people I like to make sure that the information I give is as accurate as possible. It’s one of the things I feel makes a good reading evidential. And I do admit to being tenacious, stubborn, strong willed and dogged when I need to be.

It takes a lot of persistence to get through the doubts, conflicting information and frustration of trying to communicate with beings who are not physically present in this reality. A lot of my progress in communicating came from the discipline of working at it every day. I pestered my Guides for information and explanations. I set up my rules about the way I wanted to work. Then had to redefine them as new experiences took me into adventures I had never dreamed of having. It’s the same about my blog, my book and my art. I’ve been stubborn to the nth degree. Once I set off doing these creative activities I insisted to myself that I would keep going until I reached my goals.

So the persistence makes it very special when I get wonderful feedback. My book is doing well with positive reviews and comments. My blog is nearing the end. It’s been a mammoth task but so many people seem to have benefited. And my artwork is going out into the world and gathering very positive comments. Finally, my readings are something I am particularly proud of. Even I am amazed by the accuracy that the Spirit visitors bring. Insisting to my Guides that I wanted information I couldn’t possibly know has filled these sessions with all sorts of fascinating and truthful bits and pieces. Now I know I can apply that persistence, tenacity, stubbornness and strong will to anything I have to deal with in my life.

I’m proud to claim my persistence. And equally proud to acknowledge my stubbornness. I have come so far from where I started. I have work that I love, creativity all around me and many new adventures waiting for me. Is it time to stick to your dreams, persist and achieve them?

Day 957 of my blogging challenge

Watering Time: Feeling The Earth Grow

watering plantsAs I sat on my bench this evening I could hear my plants calling for water. I’ve ended my day giving them a good drink with my watering can. I could feel the burst of energy this released. And their roots reaching down into the wet soil so they could grow the plants some more.

It made me think about all of the beautiful plants that grow on the planet. Sometimes we forget how fortunate we are that Mother Nature provides so much for us. Yet we also have to be involved in the process. There are thing to do, like planting, watering and harvesting, so that there will be an abundance of growth. It’s a shared endeavour. Each Spring I begin a new adventure with my garden. And round about now I can see it’s full beauty emerging.  That exchange of energy makes it bloom. And when I see the perky geraniums, hopeful petunias and cheeky busy lizzies my heart expands too. These plants are a reminder that even the smallest part of Mother Earth has something to offer us.

It also made me think about the way I tend myself. Do I make sure I am watering myself enough? Finding the sunniest position? Is my planter too restricting to my growth? Are my roots deep and strong to deal with the dry weather conditions? And do I let my beautiful flowers blossom? I’ve written before about the should, musts, oughts and duties that we take on in life. These SMOD’s become restrictions that hold us in the same old patterns. When I am transplanted into new ground my roots may still carry the energy of previous restrictions. Perhaps I get frightened of spreading and growing. Yet how can I grow bigger and better blossoms If my roots stay small? Water represents emotions. When I am transplanted I have to start watering myself with positive vibes. Feeding myself the encouragement I need.

At the end I had a quiet chat with my plants as I was watering them. I asked them to grow well, be health and happy. To show me their true colours. Because I was also asking myself to do that too. Like the plants it’s my summer time. The time to be all that I can. So, do you need little watering and tender loving care?

Day 943 of my blogging challenge