Gratefully Thinking: The Way To Send Positive Vibrations

gratefullyI’m often asked how we can help the planet and the animal kingdom. Many people feel that they can only take limited action. That’s when I explain about gratefully thinking.

I know that so many of us want to be active in some way in honouring our planet. And the animal kingdom who share it with us. From an energy point of view everything has a consciousness of some sort. A kind of energy presence. Perhaps not what you or I would understand as a brain. But I would say humans are more than a brain too. I believe we are all Spirits in human bodies. So, for me, our consciousness is the Spirit, whilst the brain acts as a processor of tasks. I also believe this is true of the plant and animals. Even the tiniest one. And that’s why we should be practicing gratefully thinking about our whole system instead of one part.

For me animals do have feelings. So does the planet. At the moment humanity treats the planet and it’s animals as unfeeling, unthinking resources to be used and abused. We have successfully damaged this delicate ecosystem because we refuse to acknowledge it’s consciousness or the deep interconnections between it and us. That’s why one of the actions I know we can take is to begin gratefully thinking about all that the planet and animals contribute to our abundance. Of course, if we can approach our daily lives with conservation in mind then recycling, reducing energy use and the need for material goods will also play a part. I know that we can also assist in protecting and rescuing animals, especially by considering the chemicals we apply to the land, and creating ways to boost endangered species.

Yet there is a mind issue too. Gratefully thinking puts us in an attitude of gratitude where we are more willing to take less, protect more and plan properly for the future.

So what exactly do I mean when I talk about gratefully thinking? I try to sit quietly for a few minutes every day and think about the planet. I bring to mind the forests creating oxygen for me to breathe, the water flowing along bringing me a drink, the vegetables that grow so I can eat. Letting my mind wander I see the rocks and stones that give shelter, the grass for grazing, the nuts & berries there for me to pick. As I think about these things I am grateful. I know that I am blessed with everything I need by the gift of my planet. Then I think about the animal kingdom. Such a delicate system of species each interwoven with each other. The bees know that we need each species for the whole to work.

I think with gratitude about the bees, spiders, ants, mice, rabbits and so many others who live beside us in the world. They sustain us too. And they have become our companions. I have been fortunate to be surrounded all my life by dogs and cats. They have protected and soothed me in many moments. I am grateful that they decided to be a part of my life. As I feel the gratitude within me I send out positive thoughts for Mother Earth and all of her inhabitants to thrive and be abundant. Believing in the energy world as I do I know I am radiating both my gratitude and healing energy. It is contributing to the flow of positive around the planet.

I know that when as many of us as possible start gratefully thinking about our Mother Earth the boost of energy will make a great and positive difference for all of us. It’s not action as we usually define it. But I know gratefully thinking is an energy action as strong as any physical action I can take. Can you spare ten minutes a day to join me in boosting the planet?

Day 731 of my blogging challenge