Determination Pays Off: Letting The Archangels Join In

determinationI run a couple of home circles with people who have been working through the mediumship learning curve for a while. I enjoy their determination to discover all they can about their abilities. So it’s always great when they start to sense guiding Energy Beings who bring the bliss of unconditional love with them.

I remember when I was struggling through my learning curve trying to connect with the highest and brightest of Energy Beings. Sitting in meditation or circles. And discovering that those non-physical beings came in all shapes, sizes and origins. It took some determination on my part to keep going. Angels, elementals, dragons, unicorns, star people and the cat race made their connections to me. It was hard because, at this time, I was still more sceptical than not. But sorting out the different energy signals, getting confirmations and new contacts unfolded naturally and easily. It was hard to hold onto doubt in the face of the evidence I was given. And in the face of the wash of blissful energy that regulalry greeted me in our sessions.

I knew I wanted more of that unconditionally loving energy. I decided that if I had wandered off the path of sanity then I was happily insane. As I accepted the connections to all sorts of inspiring Energy Beings I found myself working with a group of Archangels too. They tested me in the same way as I tested them. Determination kept us working the connection to get it as strong as possible. Because I knew they had a service for me to perform on their behalf. Part of that service, my purpose, was to help other people connect to these Archangels. I knew the people I was trying to connect up would be tested. In the same way that I was. I also knew that they would face a steep learning curve. Just like me.

I also recognised that anyone who did make the connection would feel the bliss. It was worth it. In my home circles people are reporting the feeling. Without knowing or being told about the Archangels they share the evidence they are receiving. Evidence I can validate. Their determination to work for the best connection has been rewarded. I’m very proud of them. And I know that their service is about to begin. The Archangels are stepping into their lives!

Day 894 of my blogging challenge

Angelic Energy Watching Over Me

angelicIt’s been an angelic day. Not that I knew that when I got up this morning. I’m used to my Guide Team being around and stepping forward when I need to know something. But I’ve also learned to look for their signs when they come in unexpected ways. Paying attention always makes a great deal of sense in the long run.

So I’m pushing against my posting deadline and typing as fast as I can because the angelic vibe has pushed my attention into other things. Which is mostly what happens in my day anyway. I expect to be doing what is needed just when it is necessary because my Team know someone needs something. From readings, emails and catch up chats with friends. To letters, research and social media posts. However, today the Angels and Archangels have been at the front. They always remind me to practice unconditional love, forgiveness, gratitude and service. To not take things personally as I could be a karma agent. And remind me that love and laughter are the best antidote to hate, fear and oppression.

I hope I spread some laughter today. And I hope I lightened someone’s day. I know that everyone who I met today did that for me. They were being sent on that angelic vibe, speaking messages to me that they couldn’t have known. Helping me to put on a coat of angelic protection. Sharing the wisdom of the Angels. And reminding me how fortunate I am to share my day in this way. Never mind the newsletter that was waiting. Or the planning for May and June events. Instead I have reflected on my direction. Thought through my plans from a different point of view. And revised the way I am approaching my work. Because I know I’m being prompted to change things for the better. That’s not a bad thing at all.

Angelic energy is very distinct. Look out for the random white feathers. Keep an eye out for number sequences. This is day 848 so double Archangels (number eight) and single Angels (number 4). Be open to the approach of strangers who have a certain glow about them. Or a certain smile that lights up their eyes. Especially if the tell you something. And listen to what your family, friends and colleagues say. They could be speaking with the voice of an Angel. I hope you find that your Angels are watching over you too.

Day 848 of my blogging challenge

Angelic Support: Help Is On Hand If You Ask

angelicThere are days I know I don’t want to live through again. I know I’m not the only one who finds some things in life extremely challenging. But I am sure I get through with the hep of angelic support. Like tiny miracles the right kinds of help appear in front of me.

Thankfully those days are few and far between. The feeling that life has sucked away all of my energy and the gloom of events is pulling me under. Or that something is happening that leaves me stunned and numb. Loosing a loved one certainly made me feel like that. Struggling with poor health definitely got me feeling that way. Juggling my pennies and what seemed like a non-existent income pushed me into that gloom. Yet in the middle of it all I remembered to ask for help from the angels. From being a small girl I was always encouraged to reach out to the angelic realm when I needed anything. Anything at all. And if, at times, it seemed like they didn’t deliver I was advised to keep asking.

It’s actually turned into a life long habit. Made more significant for me when I started to sense the angelic realm for myself. Until that point I was taking their assistance on trust. As if the help that seemed to turn up could have had a logical explanation. Because I was somewhat at war with myself over what I believed. Eventually I had conversations with angels. And I don’t actually care if anyone else feels they are real or not. They became real to me. So I have continued to ask for their support. I have also learned to ask the people around me for support too. Not always directly. But certainly finding a way to request and get help. So when I am deeply troubled the angelic realm is my first call. Followed by a shout out to everyone else around me.

To me living means meeting each day’s events as best I can. If those events floor me or wobble me I will always turn to my angelic companions for help. And I accept everything they send me knowing they are doing their best to lift me. If your day takes a turn for the worst ask the angels to get you through it, to smooth it over or to send you the people down here you need. Asking takes only a moment and I know the angels like to give.

Day 788 of my blogging challenge

Angels Wait For My Call: If I Ask For Help

angelsIt’s been a day full of angels. Questions and answers from others about the nature and presence of and angel. As well as me asking for their help with my projects. And getting confirmations of their help.

I always loved angels. When I was a child I was fascinated with the idea that I had a Guardian Angel looking out for me. Some of the things that happened certainly made me wonder if they were there. I had no barrier to the idea of angels. Most children don’t. Who would want to reject the idea of a being who would care when no one else did. Who loved you even when you were naughty. And who would keep on loving and helping eternally. As a child I had no real sense of what eternity meant but I knew to ask my Guardian Angel if I needed help. Of course, as I grew up the idea of angels faded. Perhaps the help I expected didn’t come. Or the world became harsher.

In the back of my mind I retained a thread of memory about angels. Whilst dismissing them as a childish story told to help frightened children. But there were times I distinctly remember asking for angelic help. And getting it. It was just that I dismissed the help with rationalisations. And logic. Then I started to work with Energy Beings and angels were back on my agenda. Especially when I started to meet them. They reminded me that they are always present in my life. All I have to do is to ask. Because I have free will and they can’t cross that line. They also pointed out that they had been communicating with me all along. Through every difficult or challenging experience. But there was nothing they could do if I chose not to listen.

They have asked me to remind everyone that they stand ready to help. They are only a thought away. If you are facing something that is hard or challenging please give the angels a shout. Let them send in the energy, ideas, inspiration and solutions you require. Stay aware of the signals they are sending and know that you have all the help you will ever need.

Day 774 of my blogging challenge

Christmas: Peace And Goodwill? I Hope So!

ChristmasIt’s that time of year again. The TV is filling up with Christmas movies and ads, the daily countdown has begun and the shops are stocking shelves full of Christmas goodies. Yes. It’s inescapable. One of the most stressful times of the year is almost upon us again. However, there are ways to make sure you stay with the true Spirit of Christmas.

There is a Christmas carol called ‘It Came Upon The Midnight Clear’ which has the line ‘Peace on Earth, goodwill to men’. I love that line because it reminds me of what can be so special about the festive season. The desire, for however short a time, to feel the peace and goodwill all around. Families, friends and all sorts of strangers become more open to the idea of giving and receiving. People wish one another well. We all hope for a few days where the news that comes across our TV screens is all positive.

The lines before that one mentions angels bringing a message of peace. Angels represent the kind of love it can be hard to find – unconditional love. The feeling that happens when we recognise completely that the other person is the same as us. A human being. So when Christmas stress all gets a bit too much for me I love to find a church, quiet place or or open space where I can remind myself that we are all the same. I sit quietly and ask the angels to help me both feel peaceful and to behave towards all others in a peaceful way.

I also look very carefully at what I am doing. Am I bulk buying enough stuff for a month when I only require food for a few days? Is my list of presents to purchase getting too long and involved? Do I really intend to go out for a Christmas meal every night for a month? And lunchtimes too? Then I visit a local charity shop to remind myself that I actually have all that I need but others might not have. It’s important for me to consider those who don’t or can’t celebrate Christmas. Giving is a way to share goodwill.

That makes me realise that perhaps I’m putting stress on myself. The smiling, relaxed me has disappeared inside a het up, frantic shopper! So I step back and smile at as many people as I can. I go and watch the children queuing to see Santa looking for the excitement and wonder in their eyes. I make a date with family and friends to watch the Christmas lights get switched on. And sing loudly through the carol service in the square. So that when the day finally arrives I can wake to a morning world with peace in my heart and goodwill in my thoughts.

Whatever your beliefs, over the coming month I wish you a happy, peaceful, sharing and compassionate time. 

Day 737 of my blogging challenge

Power Goes Out

images-62This is my second day being off the grid. I’ve been using the time to read about angels and daemons. Both appear in the novel I’ve been reading and one of my research books. Actually it’s interesting that the book I picked has wandered into Angel territory rather than what I thought the story was going to be about. I’d grabbed it because it was set in the south of France in Cathar country. The story was a typical thriller with a bit of romance thrown in and some ancient mystery to solve. The protagonists were deep in the good versus evil of the plot. And would love and good win in the end? Intertwined in the story were aspects of Tarot, Angels and daemons as well. All stuff I love to think about because it goes to the heart of how we stand in our power.

The research book I’m reading, From Gabriel to Lucifer by Valery Rees, traces the written traditions concerning Angels throughout the last 2,000 or more years. One of the key points of the debate about Angels (and whether there are good and bad ones) is the power they have because they are thought to be closer to the Divine Source. Angels are regarded as reflecting the Light of the Divine back to mankind to encourage us. Their purpose is said to be to remind us that we have the power to choose through our free will – something they might not possess. We can choose to act in a positive or a negative way. We can send out the power of love or the power of fear. In my work with the Earth’s ArchAngels I have been keen to understand what their nature is and why they have emerged to assist us at this time in our spiritual growth.

Today the electricity went off for the whole site. We had a power out for about two hours. No cup of hot tea, no shower or music. So not only off the technology grid but also off the electrical grid, lol. When I asked my Guides what was going on they asked me to notice the world around me. The Earth was still turning, the sun was still in the sky and the rabbits were still skipping about around the caravan. The flow of energy that makes up our reality was still in evidence. What had stopped was the man-made energy that we put out, often without considering the consequences. I was very aware of ArchAngel Samesh, the Grandfather, showing me how miraculous our planet is. He helps us to understand that we co-create our environment. Using our imaginative energy we can call into being a world of beauty or a world of misery. The choice is ours.

We also have a choice in how we understand the purpose and nature of the Divine, the Angels and daemons. As we send our power (energy) out into the world we create the encounters that reinforce our current world view. Taking ourselves outside the system is sometimes the only was to get a new perspective. Moving from a view of life based in religious interpretations to one based on spiritual understanding means considering both the power we take in and the power we give out. The trick is to remember that power flows both ways.

Day 190 of my blogging challenge. Written on Tuesday 24th May 2016.

Unlucky Friday 13th?

imageOne of the comments that has been flying around today is all about Friday 13th. People say that a Friday 13th is unlucky. Often they go to extreme lengths to avoid bad luck on a Friday 13th. It’s an interesting superstition tied in with religious beliefs about the betrayal of Jesus Christ by the thirteenth apostle Judas on the Friday after the Last Supper. I love to hear about superstitions. All those things that are supposed to be unlucky if they happen or you do certain things. I have to confess that I have a special fondness for Fridays, not because it typically represents the end of the working week,  but because I was born on one. Would I want to believe that any Friday was unlucky? It also reminds me of the little rhyme that says ‘Friday’s child is loving and giving’ so being born on a Friday is more of a blessing than bad luck. Although if you love and give too much I suppose you could call yourself unlucky.

It all depends on which way you choose to see things. I look at the number thirteen and immediately start doing my numerology! To me one and three convert into the number four. I love four. It’s the number of the Angels. Any day that adds up to four brings Angel energy flying around me. And if the day happens to add up to eight then I have ArchAngel energy everywhere. Eight is also the number of infinity. How great is that. An infinity of ArchAngels! But back to four. It’s also a number of harmonious balance. A square is a strong foundation on which we can build our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual lives. When we encourage ourselves to live in balance in all four areas we are going to be living life to the full.

If you wish to consider Friday 13th as unlucky enjoy the thrill of fear it generates. We are very good at scaring ourselves and then laughing about it. For me that is one way to experience Friday 13th. Or if you would like to set aside the superstitions in your life take Friday 13th as a day if angelic loving and giving. That’s the beauty of life – you get to choose which way you experience it.

Day 179 of my blogging challenge. 

Twelve: Radiating the Light

Ascension1Are you noticing twelve? Do numbers around you add up to twelve all the time? Once you start noticing numbers it can become an intreaguing habit. I love numerology. I adore how numbers creep in everywhere. It’s amazing that the Universe is built of numbers. Our planetary vibration has been 9 for a long time – the number of completion & triple creativity. Three represents all of creation, our creativity and manifesting new creative choices. However, the vibration is slowly changing to 12 – comprising of the number of creation (3) and the number of the angels (4) who represent Divine Radiance. This is an Ascension process in which we are a strong part as we can create and manifest more Light. It’s time for the intuitive, Divine feminine energy to come into effect. This means we are being challenged to let go of old ways of feeling, thinking and doing.

Not an easy task. Life appears simpler when we think we are in control of our destiny. What we haven’t realised is that our beliefs have turned into mechanisms that control our creativity, our intuitive connection with the Divine source and drive us to stay safely within the comfort zone we have established for ourselves. New models of living together as a global community are being put in front of use. From the smallest group situations (families, employment, education) to larger issues of the equal rights of all humans to food, shelter, compassion and growth (countries, economic zones, law & industries). In all of these we are being asked to shine more of our Light. We are being requested to find creative ways to honour the needs of the whole of humanity. We are also being challenged to balance our needs against those of our planetary home and all the other life that exists here. No small task then.

There are things we can do. I believe that our ability to shine our Light, to become  more radiant, can be increased when we pay attention to our intuitive senses. I also believe that the radiance of the Angels is here to help us receive more of the Divine Light. We can receive their energy to help us remove anything that has dimmed our own spark. But you don’t have to believe in Angels to clean up your act. The energy vibration from twelve is calling on you to make more creative choices. To generate compassionate creative solutions that will help the people around you to also move forward. I’ve written before about finding your ‘tribe’. I’m fortunate to have many creative people connected with me. The Light they shine inspires me. We collaborate on projects to increase the radiance (whether for the Earth, the animal kingdom or for humanity) so that, bit by bit, other will be encouraged to shine their inner Light too. Have a look around you today. Notice the twelves and allow your intuition to connect you to your creative flow. Who knows what will happen when you step onto the Ascension path.

Day 120 of my blogging challenge (a four!)

We all need an Angel

EtielielI love all my angel oracle cards. I have a reasonable collection of packs that found their way to me – one way or another. Today I was talking to someone about being able to pick a card at random & somehow get exactly the right guidance for that moment, question or day. When I was little I loved to hear about my Guardian Angel. It was comforting to believe that a special, very loving being was around and would protect me.Although that belief in angels wavered in adulthood, today I am delighted to be able to work with these fascinating Energy Beings.

Angels have featured in our stories and myths for thousands of years. One of my favourite examples (& one I have tested for myself) is the idea that when you need an angel’s support a white feather will appear in a place it couldn’t possibly be expected to be. I have a wonderful collection of feathers, some large & some small, that have turned up where & when I least expected them. So if I feel I need a confirmation about something, or a nudge in the right direction or that I would like to feel the connection to unconditional love I keep my eyes open for feathers. That is also why I enjoy using angel oracle cards.

It doesn’t matter which pack I use I always do the same thing. I shuffle the cards with my question, concern or issue in my thoughts and as I pick a card (or sometimes 3 or 4) I ask for guidance. Whatever card I get I trust that my attention is being drawn to a positive view of my current need. Usually the card makes perfect sense. Occasionally I have to think a bit deeper about what the card has brought me. As I let the message from the card sink in I feel the loving warmth & calm that the presence of angels brings me. Sometimes I draw the energy as it flows through me. Sometimes I write. Often I find that I am moving through my life more confidently and with a positive outlook. That is where the angels really help us. Not by bringing miracles. Not by removing all of the challenges in life. By being the supportive, loving energy that encourages us to persevere in the face of all odds.

Sometimes the angels bring their loving help through the acts of others. The last week has shown me so many angels in human form doing random acts of kindness in a quiet, peaceful and generous way. Angels are very rarely the center of attention. They are the force in the background encouraging others; making things happen for no other reason than that it’s the right way to be human and part of a community. Angels will do what’s needed, even the very difficult things, without a fanfare or the need for recognition. Their message is always that they, and we, can do things out of pure love for one another.

As a community of human beings we have forgotten that unconditional love, unconditional, forgiveness and unconditional gratitude lead us to serve each other unconditionally. That is the way of peace. The angels send us that message in any way they can. Next time you are wondering if angels exist, or you have a question that seems too big or too complex, or if you have lost your positive glow ask your angels to show you that they are with you. Be open minded about how your confirmation arrives. Then keep the conversation going by asking again and again.

Day 49 of my blogging challenge.

Friendship is eternal

thank youIt has been lovely this week to share time with friends old and new. Whether it’s over Facebook, Skype, face to face or over the phone checking in with friends is a magical bonus to this festive season. It doesn’t matter if someone has been a short term friend, known me all through my life or pops in and out every now and then. Each person has made a contribution to the history of my life. I sometimes spend time reminding myself of all the wonderful people who I call friends. I wonder how they are, what they are now doing in their lives and if I will get to see them again.

For the friends I see a lot, the answers are easy to give. For those who are now out on their journey further away from me I hope that they are finding joy in their their lives. For my social media friends I hope that I can see their posts when it’s time for me to offer support, encouragement & laughter. A text can be a quick way to send a smile or hug too. Sometimes it’s about giving myself time to make that phone call or to Skype when the written word can’t do justice to the feelings I want to convey to my friends. Or they really need to find a listening ear, a warm how can I help or an it’s going to be ok. I guess friendship isn’t measured by the amount of time you spend with someone or what you do for each other. For me friendship is about those moment to moment connections that happen when you feel like you’ve met someone who ‘gets’ you. A shared ‘something’ that makes a sort of sense of the world for that instant.

One of the interesting thing about my work is who steps forward to give messages from the Spirit World. People often expect their nearest & dearest. Sometimes they are surprised that a friend has come to speak to them. They wonder why that person & not a family member. Yet friendship can carry us through the challenges of life, sometimes more successfully than anything else, because it is a wonderful form of love. Friendship is giving and sharing too. Our friends are the people who are prepared to tell it like it really is. So our friends on the Spirit side still want to be here for us. They want to remind us of what we shared together. Most especially they want to show that time, space and eternity can’t get in the way of a loving friendship.

It’s a festive time, a time to celebrate the change from dark to light, in whatever way that has meaning for each of us. Take a few moments to remember all the friendships you have had in your life, especially those still walking along with you, – you might be surprised at how many people are on your list of friends. Try not to judge the nature of the friendship you had or currently have – remember that for an instant or more someone understood enough about you and your life to share moments with you. Then add in all of the friends who live in the pink perfect now. Don’t forget your Guides either. Do you see that you have never really been alone? Do you understand that you have love around you all of the time? Fill yourself up with that loving friendship and let it spill out once more to all of your friends. I believe that what you give out you get back. I’m sending all of my friends in all dimensions my loving thanks today.

Day 37 of my blogging challenge.