Angel Power Hour


Earth's ArchAngel EtielielAngels! One of the hardest ideas to grasp is that unconditional love leads to unconditional forgiveness and unconditional gratitude meaning we are ready to serve unconditionally. I’ve talked about this before in my blogs. I’ve also talked about angels before too. Today has contained what I like to call an Angel Power Hour. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves of the start of the journey – unconditional love.

I have been amazed to work with many angels over the past 10 years. To explore their energy and try to understand their unique perspective on us human beings. To the Angelic Realm the meaning of all life is simple. We are an expression of the Divine Energy and therefore Divine. There is no separation between any of us. We are all perfect expressions of that Divine Source. Every realm is the conscious expression of the Divine feeling, thought, breath. There is no limit on love if we are Divine. There is nothing to forgive if we are Divine. We serve a Divine purpose because we are glad to do so. Whatever is done is Divine. It will therefore always be for the greater good of the Divine.

In our reality it gets more messy. We loose touch with our Divine self. We imagine we are individual so there is room for doubt and fear to take hold of us. We ‘fall from grace’ not because we are bad or evil but because we have forgotten that we are always full of Divine grace. In stressful or challenging times it’s even harder to hold onto that feeling of the Divine. So I’ve been taking some time to connect with my Goddess & God energy through the loving support of my angels. When I need to find a way through something, or to work out what the loving, forgiving, grateful way to act is, I set aside a time when I can be quiet. I send up a shout to my angels & I make my mind ready to listen. Then I do, say or note anything that I am inspired to in that ‘hour’ (it can be shorter if I need less time).

Out of today’s Angel Power Hour I got the picture at the start of this blog. I was inspired to photoshop a picture I took some time ago. It’s of a wooden angel I received to represent my connection with ArchAngel Etieliel. He is a Light-bringer and Light-worker helping humanity at the moment. The colours and effects were layered on to the picture intuitively. I had no idea what look I was trying to create. When it felt like I had the right image and colours I was inspired to add words. The words came of their own accord. I hadn’t planned what to type. Each sentence or line seemed to be in my head when it fitted for it to be there.

It’s not a long statement but as I wrote each line I felt the love flow through me. I felt loved, I wanted to share love and I knew I deserved to love myself as much as I love others. Etieliel brought wave after wave of warm energy to wrap me in self love. All my flaws turned into the poetry of my growing sense of the Divine within me. That was the gift of the Angels, for me, in my hour with them, as a reminder that I am always one with every other Energy Being. At one with Divine consciousness. Endlessly loving and being loved. One day the flow of unconditional love will take me to the point of unconditional forgiveness, gratitude and service. Not as thoughts and words but as deeds and deeply held beliefs. At that point I won’t need my Angel Power Hour. Until then I will seek out the angels whenever I can.

Day 78 of my blogging challenge.