Anahata – Love is in the heart

Anahata1My Centre is called the Down 2 Earth Heart Centre for many reasons but I wanted to share with you the inspiration that led to choosing that name. I’ve been thinking about Anahata – the Hindu word for the Heart chakra quite a bit today. It’s been a lovely Drop In session preceded by the Mojo Club first thing & then my lovely colleague Alastair Bishop with his stress busting group. This afternoon we have had the laughter of children hunting for Easter eggs, the relaxation of people chatting about life & spirituality, treatments for the body and the sharing of intuitive information through readings. There is something special about the love that unfolds in this place. I feel protective of the space and energy because I know that love is channeled in for everyone.

I originally opened the Centre with the word psychic in the place of heart. We ran for about a year as a psychic centre but it was clear that a lot of people didn’t know what was on offer inside the doors. In fact, it seemed that some people who might need to find us were put off by the word psychic. I’m very proud of what I do but I understand, having been there myself, that anyone considered to be psychic can be seen in quite a negative light due to misunderstanding, misrepresentation and disbelief. Perhaps there will be a time when we can reclaim the word psychic – when people really understand & acknowledge that we are all psychic. So my debate with myself when I approached the first anniversary of the Centre was wether to stick with psychic in the name.

I often substitute intuitive for psychic. People are much more comfortable with thinking about intuition – now linked with gut reaction – as a part of what they are able to do. Intuition implies a sense of listening to your feelings whilst psychic is taken as listening to dead people. So a year ago I sat down to consider if the Down 2 Earth Intuitive Centre would mean anything better for people. Some how the name didn’t feel right. It sounded a bit clumsy and it certainly hadn’t captures anything about the many things we do here. So how about holistic? How about spiritual? Not forgetting therapy? Nothing seemed to quite fit. As I thought about what I do here every day I began to realise that the most important part of my working life is my passion for what I’m doing. I love working with my Guides, Inspirers and Energy Beings to bring their love – the Divine Love – to all the people I meet. In fact, one of the most important parts of my whole life is to reveal the Divine Love within me so that I can share it with all of those I love too. Felling like I had half an answer I started to list in my head the people who work at the Centre. As I thought about their reasons for being part of my working journey I recognised that they were all passionate about helping people too. Each in their own way was offering loving support to others.

The next step was very easy. I felt the wonder of the love flowing through my heart chakra. Anahata is the lotus flower with 12 petals in the Hindu tradition. It translates as ‘unhurt, unstuck and unbeaten’ and represents the union of the Supreme Being with Mother Nature. In the balance, calm and serenity created by this union of higher and human selves the heart can represent to us the wise decisions of the Higher Self. What I wanted to offer was the calmness and serenity in a physical space so that the voice of the Higher Self could ‘speak’ to anyone who was seeking help. I also felt that by offering a listening ear in the drop in sessions I would be helping people to become free from hurt, capable of rising above the blows of life and able to move forward with strength. So a year ago we became a Heart Centre. I have to say that the love has never stopped flowing – tough love included. We have all been on a journey to learn to love ourselves accompanied by many visitors & clients. The conditional way we learned about love from our earliest childhood experiences onwards placed us in chains. We limit ourselves with so many “I can’t’s” or “I won’t’s”. Here in the Centre it’s ok to say I can and will. To love your body, mind & spirit without restriction.

So the second anniversary is fast approaching. I am passionate about continuing to share the love. Because love is in the heart of every single one of us. Please take some time to find Anahata – your Heart Centre – and give yourself some loving kindness. It flows to you from Divine source whether you believe in it or not. It is still there beaming unconditional Love direct to your heart.

Day 131 of my blogging challenge.