Thrice Returned: Positive Energy Always Multiplies

ThriceThe number three has been cropping up a lot today. Especially three times three. It’s the power of creative energy returning to make me thrice blessed. And giving me and those around me a positive boost in our lives.

Thrice blessed. Receiving back three times what I have sent out. Like a miracle happening just when I need it. My life has been full of threes and nines. Written in many of my patterns and habits. Starting with being born on the thrird. And having a very strong nine year cycle of significant life changes. It’s also the rule underneath my creativity. If I create a positive flow of energy I will receive back thrice that amount. It’s all about what I create. I’ve written about ‘what you give out you get back’ before. It’s something easy to say but had to have faith in. Distortions creep in. Like the twisted financial energy of our social systems. Or the need versus greed stance that we are encouraged to take to get what we want.

Also, in an uncertain world we deal with change by developing a lack of trust. Followed by the need to control every last thing. Yet there is a way to be thrice blessed. I’ve had to gather up all of that distrust, financial fear, uncertainty and chuck it out. Out of my mind, heart and energy. That has been quite a journey. Because the road to faith in myself, my Spirit and the Universe has had many tests. Yet I’ve been shown how the tide keeps turning and the moon keeps rising. And I have always always had whatever I really desired.  Even if I found I didn’t actuallylly enjoy what I had requested. Now I realise that my intuition has always told me what to ask for. It has been steering me to the best things all my life. Because that is it’s job.

So if I stay positive and send out the positive it will all come back one way or another. Returning back to me threefold. In ways that help me complete each phase of my nine year growing. I’ve been recently started another nine year cycle. I’m sending creative energy out every day. Wondering with delight how it will eventually return to me. How exciting!

Day 947 of my blogging challenge