Winning Big: Life Is A Lottery Everyone Can Win

winning bigI guess most of us dreams of winning big. In a career, with money or in love. Then life comes along and throws our wins out of the window. We experience loss. And the constant struggle to feel like we have won.

I know that losing creates uncomfortable feelings. And all sorts of negative thoughts. Especially when I would prefer the world to be a place full of certainty. Definitely the certainty of winning big. Yet life is unpredictable. Even unfair. Sometimes it seems as if everything is running against me. Yet it can turn around in an instant. Suddenly things are as I wish them to be. All the risks I have taken are paying off. And I feel like I have won what I wanted or needed. A long time ago I asked my Guides why life was so inconsistent. They said to me that I was looking at things the wrong way round. And encouraged me to see the patterns which created apparent inconsistencies. Like my relationship with money. Or with love.

It got me thinking. Reflecting on the ways in which energy flowed through my life. Especially at those times when I felt like the world’s biggest loser. Because I wanted that winning feeling all of the time. After all, wasn’t that what some lucky people had? Until I finally recognised that winning and loosing are an illusion. Luck is all about placing myself in alignment with the positive energy flowing through my life. And stopping trying to chase down the things that aren’t meant for me yet. I did a lot of work to remove the distortion of money energy from my life. That was a big factor in my worry about uncertain futures. And I also did a major piece of work on loving myself more. So that I would feel that Lottery win energy about all sorts of things.

Today I was thinking once more about winning big. Realising that I do it every day. I spend time with people I care about. I am paid to do what I am passionate about. Abundance flows to satisfy my daily needs. I have won the joy of life. There is no uncertainty any more. Every day is a good day if I choose to see it that way. Embrace the feeling. It’s there for you too.

Day 986 of my blogging challenge