Heavy Energy: Fear Is Not The Answer

heavy energyI know we live in challenging times. We are trying to bring about deep and fundamental changes to the ways we relate to one another. Yet I can’t escape the heavy energy that is around at the moment. It’s like the worst sci-fi story of nuclear war ever. And I am living in it. But fear is limiting other choices.

I’m not denying fear as an emotion. It is a useful energy to get adrenalin to kick in when we have to run away from large animals. Or when it’s dark and uncomfortable so we need to move to a different place. However, I find all the discussions about solving the issues the world faces come from a deeper place of fear. An ego place. A place where the energy is so heavy it’s almost solid. Somehow, in this place, I even fear my own destruction. Yet I have had years of evidence that life continues. In me if I am reincarnated. In others because there are plenty of children being born into the world.

This heavy fear is really my Ego Mind. Stirring me up. But limiting my options at the same time. Because when I act from a place of fear I only do what relives that fear. Temporarily. Because the heavy energy remains. And I sink down into it once more. So what am I to do when I hear all of the aggressive dialogue? It sounds like a script. A discussion with too many agendas hidden behind the scenes. And unfortunately not enough love to go around. When people become disposable objects it is easy to forget that they have a right to share the same planet. Even to remove them if they stand in the way of those agendas.

I wonder if the world leaders ever rise above the heavy energy of fear? Ever consider that what you give out you get back? And that, thus far, no one has lived forever? It’s no surprise that these issues are also apparent at a local and national level too. Fear is not an answer. Open, honest and clear discussion is. It’s time to put the guns and bombs away and start talking. Not through fear. But out of love.

Day 868 of my blogging challenge