A Tuesday, Child? Full of Grace!

imageWelcome to a wet Tuesday. I’m sitting here watching the wind blow the gusts of rain first one way then another. Much like life really.

Getting to spend quiet time with my daughter is a gift. When we are at home we are both busy doing all sorts of things. Sometimes I feel we are like ships that pass in the night. Conversations are brief, relate to only the necessities and on we rush in opposite directions. Both of us have enjoyed discussing the rain and wind. We have laughed about ‘Wet Tuesday’ rather like the idea of Mardi Gras or ‘Fat Tuesday’. And it reminded me once again of the nursery rhyme about Monday’s child. Because Tuesday’s child is full of grace. What is the grace in today?

When I was a child I was really puzzled about the word grace. I knew a girl called Grace but that wasn’t what the word was about. I also knew a song about Amazing Grace. But I wasn’t sure what the song meant either.

Sitting with my daughter I was reminded once again about grace. In Hebrew it is a word that means favour. Used in the Bible it refers to being in favour with God. That carried over into it’s use in the song. Written by someone who had battled to find a spiritual thread to his life, John Newton identified God’s favour, or grace, as having saved or enlightened him. Am I favoured because I live on a wonderful planet, have an amazing daughter and loving people around me? Even the rain makes everything grow.

I’ve practised ‘counting my blessings’ for a long while now. As much as I can I see the positives in everything. Being granted a favour, receiving grace, applied to those things that challenge as well as those that make my life ¬†easier. This life is a precious opportunity to receive the grace of a spiritual awakening. Of growing and evolving to a closer understanding of the truly unconditional nature of Divine presence. How special to be able to spend time appreciating my life.

Day 261 of my blogging challenge.