Strange Days

imageThe energy today has been very heavy and confused. Is it only me who has noticed the similarity between Boris Johnston and Donald Trump? Where does Nigel Farage fit? Not my usual kind of questions. Strange days indeed. When fear tries to separate us from remembering we are all human beings. When anger, dismay, and conflict surface across the board no matter what way the wind blew. How odd to be celebrating an alternative Christmas here in Hebden Bridge in the middle of all the political madness.

That’s what’s happening here tomorrow. Six months on, the town is still pulling itself together from the devestation the flooding caused. About 20% of the businesses are still closed. Some have gone for good. Many are working hard to recover the ‘joie de vivre’ that made this little town such a fun place to live in or visit. There is a tree in the town square once more. Holme St is closed to get ready for a party. Riverside school is putting on a thank you Christmas dinner for all the volunteers who came to help clean up. There will be a brass band. Christmas carols. Elf showing at the cinema.

All sorts of festive fun out of season to remind us that we are survivors. Strange then to get home to find half the street closed off by police tape. The shop across the road had been robbed at gunpoint about half an hour before I got back. I heard the helicopter hovering over the town creating such a loud, insistent sound. Could it be the TV company doing a follow up about our alternative Christmas I’d wondered. Sadly no. The family shop just getting back into it’s stride after the floods had taken a different kind of hit. How sad that people live in a world where they believe crime is acceptable.

Pulling my energy together I went off to Brighouse Spiritualist church this evening. I had a brown paper bag of crystals to give away. These had been hand picked -so to speak – by Spirit people this afternoon. Along with each crystal I would also be giving a message from that Spirit person. It’s strange that people judge the Spiritualist churches and centres without ever having stepped inside of one. What an opportunity going begging to connect with their loved ones. To get the messages of love and support. Or listen to evidence being given from loved ones to illustrate that death is only a physical event.

I like to make my own mind up. I also like other people to make their own minds up too. If we don’t agree that’s ok. If we do agree that’s lovely. How strange to expect that we make our minds up in one way or another just because someone else says they know best. So how best to deal with those who think crime is acceptable? How best to deal with fear, anger, conflict? I don’t have an answer. My Guides remind me we are humans trying to evolve through developing love, forgiveness, gratitude and service. Perhaps we have to accept that all sorts of mindsets exist for all sorts of reasons.

That’s why I’ll be singing carols tomorrow, joining in the street party and enjoying myself. Not because I’m wholly convinced that it’s a good thing to have another Christmas. It’s already stirring up mixed feelings in me and other people. But because striving to find the positive view of life is an excellent way not to be swamped by negativity. Being positive is the hallmark of a survivor. That’s me. I’ve survived all sorts of things. I’m sure I will survive these strange days too. So will you if you choose to look at the world in a positive way.

Day 221 of my blogging challenge.