Alternate Dimension: Down Amongst The Fairies

alternateSometimes people ask about alternate dimensions. Usually when their Guides are getting them used to all of the different energies we can encounter if we are living an intuitive life. I enjoy getting this question. Because it often means taking a side trip to a different reality.

Today I went for a walk into Nature. A stroll amongst the trees. And a shift into an alternate world. Where I could chat with the elemental beings who also share that space. When I talk about different dimensions people tend to assume that the reality I am talking about is somewhere ‘out there’. A physical world like our own that is located further away from the Earth in some way. Yet the realities I have experienced actually overlay this material world that we all experience. Rather like airplanes flying around stacked one above the other. Occupying the same total space but one on top of the other. It’s all about energy vibration. More like a bandwidth than a single vibrational wave.

There are alternate explanations. I’ve read many of them. And enjoyed doing so. Yet the one that makes more sense to me, based on my personal, experience is that the dimensions are accessible because they are layered above and below our own dimension. When I want to connect with the fairy folk I shift the rate at which my energy flows. Then I open my perception into their realm. And we can talk if they wish to do so. It’s exactly the same with our loved ones in the Spirit World. Or the angels. It requires a shift of vibration and perception. So I enjoyed a lovely time in the fairy energy flow from my trip outdoors. And returned to this material reality with a supply of magical energy to use when they tell me to.

Alternate realities have so much to offer us. Not least the recognition that our own reality is full of wonderful things too. I always appreciate coming back to here and now because this is the dimension I have chosen for this incarnation. Next time perhaps I will choose to have a life at another vibrational level. But for now an occasional wander elsewhere is a great way to appreciate my current life.

Day 977 of my blogging challenge