Deeply Refreshing Sleep? Restless Nights!

DeeplyI know that after a few nights of restless sleep I’m running on empty. I look forward to a night of deeply refreshing sleep. But sometimes it’s as if that’s the last thing in the world I can get. Because I have Spirit visitors dropping in to chat.

It happens less often nowadays. Yet when I first opened up to my ability to connect with Energy Beings I used to get contact at all time s of the day and night. Even when I was deeply asleep. I needed that sleep. But my visitors didn’t. And they didn’t have much sense of time either. When I told them it was the middle of the night for me they were very apologetic. But still wanted to talk. Until I realised that I was leaving myself open. I had to be the one shutting the door and putting up the ‘closed’ sign. That’s not so easy when drifting off to sleep is a natural drift into an altered state of consciousness.

As I drifted down into unconsciousness I would ‘see’ lots of faces appearing in front of my mind’s eye. Then I would feel like there was someone in the room. Or sat on the bed. And a conversation would begin. Falling deeply asleep the conversation would continue. Until I was woken up so they could continue explaining something or other to me. Eventually I realised that I had to be more firm. I had to make my nighttime off limits to the Spirit people. Discussing this with my Guides I also realised that they had been waiting for me to ask for their help. If I put up with being woken when I was deeply asleep then they would let it happen.

Now I make sure that when I start to drift into sleep I have closed down my psychic senses. I shut out the Energy Beings just like I close my mind to everything else that has been active in my day. If, by chance, someone tries to wander in I ask them to come back when I am awake. And when I am awake I spend a little time asking for contact. That way the communication happens at a time of my choosing. And stops restless nights!

Day 912 of my blogging challenge