Journeying Again: Imbolc Dreams And Wishes

Journeying It’s February already! Where did January disappear to? Today is the festival of Imbolc and the return of the Spring in some traditions. This weekend I’m journeying with friends to celebrate the end of a period of withdrawal. And to dream my next set of dreams.

It’s also the celebration of the Goddess or Saint, Brigid, a patron of poetry, the hearth, healing and smiths. She represents the many abilities needed of a woman to ensure that there is a happy home and a good harvest at the end of the summer. I love her energy because it also represents the fire and light at the centre of any home. The fire and light that we all have at the centre of our being. I also love journeying into fire energy at this time of year. Letting my inner warmth stir me to dream bigger than before. When I look at the seeds of ideas that are sitting inside me I know I can turn them into the things I desire to have in my life. All I have to do is feed and love them and they will manifest.

So I expect to be doing another kind of journeying too. Letting myself wander into altered states of consciousness so that I can dig down to find the hidden seeds I might not recognise yet. Meditation is one of my ways to do that. Visiting places where I can spend a little time in contemplation, quietly exploring what else I need to plant this year. Sometimes I forget that things take a while to grow. I have a folder I made in 2015 about doing videos to help people. In 2017 that turned into my Letters From The Light Side broadcasts. I’ve been doing them for nearly a year now. That project has brought me new seeds for this year. My journeying with new broadcasts will start soon. I am planting more seeds.

Where ever you are journeying this weekend take a little time to feel the fire rise within you. What seeds are you planting this year? Are there dreams and wishes that have to be sent out in order to manifest for you? Remember your ‘home’ is what you make it. And your fire burns brightly right now.

Day 798 of my blogging challenge