Paused: Never Easy To Stop Doing Same Old Same Old

pausedMy Guides are endlessly patient with me. Thank goodness. Every now and again I find they have paused what they have been doing to give my Ego Mind a chance to catch up. A chance for me to observe where I am still falling into old patterns. Or to consider if new patterns have finally begun to take hold.

I’ve been revisiting my All Things Angelic workbook today. I am running the workshop tomorrow so I wanted to check that the information was still relevant. As it’s some time since I first wrote it I have to make sure it is in line with what I now understand about angels. A subject that has changed for me quite a bit since I first began connecting with them. And channelling their energy. At the beginning I thought they were a convenient figment of my imagination. Because everywhere I turned there were so many beliefs about them woven into human history. So I paused for a long time. Trying to check if my imagination was drifting me into a twilight religious world.

After a series of stops and starts I finally decided to go with what was happening. Making sense of it all was something I chose to do afterwards. I kept on working to make the connections stronger. For my angels to draw in closer. Until it was time to be paused again. Although I had left my scepticism on one side it was still trying to trip me up. The Archangels who had begun working with me on all sorts of levels understood that the cynic in me was looking for the catch. The trick that would reveal they were all fake imaginings. I went through a long time of reflecting. I had to decide if I wanted the connections more than I wanted the doubts. A new pattern was on offer. But only I could choose it.

I’m glad to say that being paused was a very positive experience. I learned a lot about my social conditioning, about me and about the Archangels. It allowed me to notice my old patterns and do something about them. I’m cautiously optimistic that I am now well on the way to holding onto the new patterns. Especially since I know my Archangels will use the pause button any time I drift back into old ways.

Day 919 of my blogging challenge