The Body Remebers Good Habits

imageToday I’ve had a fitness session with a personal trainer. I want to be more active to boost my own wellbeing. I wondered what shape my body would be in. It’s a lot of years since I did anything to exercise.

Linda worked me through some basic stretches and cardio exercises to see what work I would need to do. She also took time to see if my body was in alignment. Alignment affects how we move, balance and where we ache. It seems my right shoulder has drifted off on a tangent of it’s own. Repeated computer use (about 30 years worth, actually) because I’m right handed has shifted the way my muscles hold that shoulder. And where. I’ve got a bit of continental drift!

It explains why I also get aches and pains in my neck and right hip. So, over time my body has adjusted into a new alignment due to those repetitive movements. Now I’m getting the fall out of not sitting properly. The positive is that I can do something about it. As well as changing my posture when I work at the computer I can exercise to realign myself. Of course that will take time. But I’m looking forward to releasing all the discomfort caused by muscles and bones working in positions they weren’t meant to.

One of the wonderful positives from my session is that my body remembers all the fencing, aerobics and gym training I used to do.

I was really excited to do the lunges, stretches and box steps. Perhaps not as quickly and effortlessly as in my active days. But not bad for a layoff of rather too many years. As I though about this later it really brought home to me something I encounter a lot in my healing energy work. The body does act as an memory card for us. Significant traumas, old emotions and negative beliefs about ourselves can become stuck even in our cells. It’s quite a big thing to realise that my body is busy letting me know what I’m holding on to even when my concious mind hasn’t got a clue.

Also I’m so used to checking my chakras for alignment. I want to know that the energy is flowing up and down these power centres. If my chakras are aligned it is easier for me to connect with Energy Beings. I also want to ensure that emotions and thoughts are clearing through my aura rather than being piled up for later. Yet, until today, I rarely thought about my physical body’s alignment as part of that process. I suppose I did in a peripheral kind of way. But knowing something and acting on it are two very different things.

After all, I know that being in alignment is all about balance. My body needs balance as well as my mind, feelings and Spirit.

If I continued to let my right shoulder drift off whoever it’s decided to go, eventually I would be so much out of balance that my aches would become much more painful. With the consequence that I would find it much harder to feel and be well. Yet my body is clearly ready to forgive the drift. It remembered the moves and stretches from my old training routines. The old positive patterns are still there in me too. I know that with a little bit of effort I can reconnect to those patterns and use them to my advantage.

That’s the positive I’m taking from today. No matter how long it’s been I can get myself back into good habits. I can care for my body, making sure it is in alignment with the positive energy it is entitled to and I can have all the wellbeing I wish for myself. Thank you for the reminder Linda ?

Day 284 of my blogging challenge.

Getting my Affairs in Order

imageThis morning I knew I was in for a busy day. I had a lot to do. Getting organised, tying up loose ends and generally sorting out was not top of my list.

However, the energy of the day bumped it up to the top. My Guides have been stressing for a few months that a big shift would be happening soon. They encouraged me that I needed to get everything in order so I would be ready. I kept asking ‘ready for what?’. But, not unsurprisingly, there didn’t seem to be any clear answer. They let me amble along doing bits and pieces to organise myself. I happily bumbled about ignoring their suggestions. Until today.

Some days are full of insight, intuition and clarity. Putting an order to what I will be doing next was at the front of my brain when I woke up. After a chat with a lovely friend first thing I felt I had the structure in place at last. All the bits and pieces of info I had got over the last five months made sense. It’s very exciting. I’m going to be busy. No wonder I have to get the practicalities in order.

I can honestly say I wasn’t expecting the next bit. At 3.20pm (BST) the Earth shifted her internal alignment.

I was sitting in my car at the traffic lights. In front of me for a second or two the ground lifted 4 inches and then settled back. I felt slightly disoriented and headachy. My internal sense of where I am located in time and space was fuzzy. Everything was slightly off track. My daughter saw and felt it too. We were both astounded. The first big shift just happened. Mother Earth was putting herself in order too.

I was aware that a realignment of energy was going on. After all the waves of energy have been building up in strength for a long time. I also knew that we would be getting noticeable shifts in the location of the Earth’s power grid. All this is part of the clearing of energy needed to connect more strongly with our intuition. Lots of Lightworkers are coming out of the woodwork at the moment. They are balancing the disruption of the Earth’s realignments. Another kind of putting things in order.

I’m taking responsibility for my own energy. I’m getting it in order. It would be lovely if everyone else was doing the same.

There comes a point when you have to stop looking at what other people are doing and start paying attention to yourself. It’s very easy to comment, misunderstand or misinterpret what someone else is doing. Thinking you know better what ‘they’ should be doing means you are missing the point. I’m focused on my own ‘stuff’ because that is the only stuff I can change. As a teacher I can encourage, explain from my experience or support someone whilst they put their own affairs in order. But I can’t do it for them. So I’m not telling you to deal with the shift in energy this or that way.

I’m sharing what my day has been about. Acknowledging what I have experienced. Offering you a viewpoint to think about. Do you need to start putting things in order? Have you noticed that you are going to become even busier in living a passionate life? Are you ready for the next realignment? Grab the energy of today’s shift and make the most of it.

Day 275 of my blogging challenge.