Why Every Life is Unique

imageEven if I’m on retreat I’m not completely without the outer world. This evening I watched a powerful and moving film called The Imitation Game. It told the story of Alan Turing, a key person to all of us in many ways.

During his lifeĀ Alan Turing was responsible for designing a machine to decode the German Enigma machine during the Second World War. That meant the Allies could have information that was thought to be secret. He was also the person who inspired the creation of computers. I’m writing this on an iPad that Alan Turing made possible. His first steps in describing a Universal Thinking Machine sparked a branch of science that has created much of what we now take for granted.

He was also a person who experienced much personal loss and pain. Someone who seemed to stand out as different. Alan Turing took his own life. Perhaps unable to recognise all of the good deeds he had done. Perhaps aware of a deep loneliness. Certainly being judged for aspects of his nature that were considered at that time as morally wrong. It is always a big decision to step out of life voluntarily. To be the person who chooses to die rather than live. The ripples of such an ending are very powerful.

I felt the impact of this film. My parents grew up in his generation. They had to deal with all sorts of moral judgements that seem shocking now. They influenced my life and how I understand the world. However, I have had to make different choices about how I interpret my life.

I’m glad my daughter is growing up in a world where we are whittling away the barriers between us. Race, gender, sexuality, age, religion, nationality. These are all man made divides. Underneath the skin the same biological processes go on in all of us. When we realise that we will be ready to embrace the idea of unity. Yet I know there is such a long way to go. That’s why I try to inspire everyone who I connect with to pay attention to their intuitive abilities. Once I have connected with someone aura to aura it is much less important what their external characteristics are. Their true nature is in their energy – the home of their Spirit self.

Perhaps true acceptance of each other will only happen when we all embrace the world as energy. When we recognise that our unique energy adds to the flow of creative energy that swirls all around us. As we recognise where our energy is ‘off’ because we have not been true to our unique abilities. Then all of our gifted minds will be able to advance the world in positive ways. I’m determined to contribute my uniqueness in whatever way I can. I hope you are inspired to do so too.

Day 259 of my blogging challenge.