Striving For The Best: Connections To Love

strivingIt was my live broadcast this evening. Although I was striving for the best of connections the wi fi was patchy. Yet the love flowed through from the Archangels all the same.

It’s not the first time I’ve had to work with wi fi that faded out and in again. Nor with energy connections that switch on and off. In fact it makes me smile how similar connecting with non-physical beings can be to chatting online when the signal is erratic. When I first started channelling I got quite frustrated with myself about the way the signal could suddenly drop. Especially as I was striving to make the connection as strong as possible. My Guides were very loving though. They helped me to understand that the signal strength also depended on the energy I was surrounded by. And the way I was feeling and thinking too. So I focused on getting as good as I could in balancing my own energy and holding it steady.

That meant striving to love myself more. So that I could be relaxed when other energies interfered with the connection. Because that happens sometimes. Especially if what is being channelled through is likely to have a big impact. And share more love around. In fact my good friend Alan Cox and I always laugh about this. When I join him on his radio show we often get ‘interference’ in the energy. Interference designed to hide the message and make sure it gets lost. But I don’t give in to that. Because the Energy Beings always find another way to make sure they are heard. They direct their messages to lots of other people who are also striving to make strong connections. So that, in the end, many of us are helping to spread the love.

If you have been striving to connect with your Guides and wondering why the signal is a bit iffy keep going. It’s natural that the connection will fade and then strengthen. What matters is sharing the loving energy of these Beings. And passing on that loving vibration to all of those who you are connected to in the material world.

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Alan Cox, Paramania Radio And Me – Good Friends

On the Alan Cox showI’ve had a hectic few hours this evening. After a couple of mentoring sessions it was time to do my Letters From The Light Side live video. Then it was time to get ready to talk to my good friend Alan Cox on his Paramania radio show.

Sometimes my working day is actually a working evening. But what a lovely way to work and to finish out my day. Channelling in the information from the Energy Beings is always uplifting. And it’s always delightful to chat with people who have become good friends. Alan and I, and his wife Ann, met a long time ago at a charity event. Then we met again at a crystal wholesalers. We all took that as a sign that Spirit had a purpose for us. And a good friendship got off to a great start with that Other World blessing. I have been a guest on his popular show, Understanding Spirit, a few times now and it always makes me smile. Or laugh a lot. We chat away as if there is no one else listening so that the time flies by.

Alan enjoys asking about spirit, spirituality and the paranormal. He has great guests. Even if I don’t agree with all of what they say. And I enjoy the open debate that Alan gently promotes. I believe we need more discussions and debate. It’s important to understand what we are all talking about when we say ghosts, spirits, grounded spirits and entities. We need to know about living in an energy world rather than a material world. And I believe we have to debate what the Afterlife is actually like. Not what we have been told. Or scared with. Because there is no avoiding going there. It’s the place where loved ones wait to be reunited with us. I really take Alan’s point about needing to understand spirit.

My final piece of work tonight is this blog. I explained to Alan that it is my way of putting my day into perspective. I also explained in my Letters broadcast that it’s my way of seeing the positive in my day. The Energy Beings who surround us and work for and with us wish us to get the best out of our lives. That’s why they put us in connection and friendship with good people. I am grateful I have had a wonderful day of being with my friends everywhere.

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You can listen to this evening’s show here

Winding Down the Week

imageIt’s the end of a busy week. I’m going to be away writing again next week so I’ve been trying to do as much as I can to keep my business ticking over whilst I’m gone. It’s also been the week when my personal daily routine has changed too.

My ‘to do’ list has got longer every day even as I’ve been ticking things off as fast as I can. I hate to leave things unfinished. Yet I’ve also learned that there is always another job to do. It seems it’s in the nature of things. No matter how many times I tell myself I’m going to have a gap between work and travel it’s hard to make it happen. By next Monday I’ll be down to doing only the absolute necessary things. Some stuff will slide off the list and be left undone. So why has so much had to be crammed into this week?

That’s the puzzle really. If I leave something unfinished will it matter? What would I be able to leave undone? It’s not as if I didn’t know I was going. This has been planned for six months. Perhaps I could be more organised? Or is it a result of following an intuitive life. I’m going with the flow so things pop up when least expected. Or my plans change because other people’s plans change. Over all it balances out though. Things will get done. People will be able to have what they need. I will go off with a clear head ready to enjoy another retreat. So tonight I’m winding down my week.

Later I’ll be listening in to the musical memories show of my friend Alan Cox. Taking time out before I go back to my ‘to do’ list tomorrow. And that’s really important. Having a little breathing space. Time for myself. Having a wind down time, no matter how small, will give me the energy to carry me through to a bigger chance to relax.

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Start From Where You Are

imageTonight I have been talking to a lovely friend of mine on his radio show. Alan Cox and his wife Ann crossed into my life about eight or nine years ago in the seemingly random but very organised way that the Spirit Guides put you together with exactly the right people at the right time. I had made a start in my spiritual work as a medium but needed to find  other people who shared my view of what it all meant. Through our love of charity work and crystals we ended up on stalls next to one another. We chatted and that was it, so I thought. Not too long after that we ended up being at the same crystal wholesalers on the same day at the same time. Guides getting involved again, lol! That was the start of a great friendship that comes with the ability to discuss so many spiritual, paranormal and ‘real’ life topics. We don’t need to agree. Or to change our views. We are happy to listen to one another and explore what our different experiences have been. We both start from where we are.

One of the aspects of counselling I have always enjoyed, and this goes for the Reiki and ArchAngel healing I do too, is to find out what someone’s world view is. I love to listen to what someone believes, feels, thinks or has experienced. By sharing in that world view I can offer a different interpretation of what an experience might mean. Not a ‘right’ interpretation. After all it is their experience not mine. Yet it can be really helpful when someone shows you a different way to understand what is happening in your life. That is why Past Life work is fascinating. It is a different way of looking at the choices that face you now and deciding how to handle things in a new way. There is no requirement to believe that past lives exist or have actually happened. If you start by considering that there might be different influences on why your life is like it is it opens up your imagination. Starting from where you are and exploring how you might have got there is a doorway to imagining how things might be changed for the better.

A closed mind is one that has got stuck. Locked in. Inflexible. A closed mind gives you no room for manoeuvre, no fresh options or possibilities. To think, feel and act differently you need to be able to see that this is possible. A closed mind is a place where your Ego is telling you that this is how it is, this is all there is. I believe we can go mad in a closed mind. It isn’t a comfortable place to be. All our experiences have to be twisted around to fit with the world view of our closed mind. Anything that doesn’t fit has to be excluded, ignored or, if that’s not possible, destroyed. So many people loose the love out of their lives, or their families, friends, livelihood because the world has moved on and they can’t. They aren’t even prepared to start changing by taking the first step of opening their minds.

One of the ways I work to be of service to Energy Beings is to offer a different view whenever I get the chance. This blog is all about giving voice to my experiences and the insight my Guides have given me. In this way I hope to encourage a more open minded view of what my world is like. The radio shows, articles and social media I am involved in are all part of the same purpose. Staring where people are already I hope to explain where I have been in understanding what I’ve experienced. Then we can have a valuable discussion about spirit, spiritualism and spirituality. Not for me to convert anyone. Not for them to convert me. At the end of the discussion we will both have something new to think about.

Bit by bit, if we are immersed in our experiences, we open to the new aspects of life that are being put in front of us. Dealing with the change and growth that is all around us can be positive if we start from where we are, share in the discussions and keep an open mind. I wish you many interesting meetings with people of different viewpoints!

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Belief in the Divine Oneness

Bishop David Parry & Alan Cox

Bishop David Parry & Alan Cox

Today I have been on a little trek down to Dudley in the West Midlands to be part of a historic ceremony. My lovely friend Alan Cox was being ordained as a Gnostic priest by Bishop David Parry. It’s always precious when someone discovers a calling to serve others, especially in matters spiritual, because a belief in something we can’t see and touch fights a battle against social conditioning that suggests scientific fact is all there is.  The belief in any kind of Divine ‘something(s)’ has also become wrapped around with rituals and teachings that attempt to interpret that Divine ‘something(s)’ for us.

After the ordination there was a lively discussion at our table. Bishop David, Deacon Paul, Reverend Sue, John, Gray, Karen, Kirsty and myself come from all sorts of backgrounds. What we all have is open mindedness. Gray & Karen love to do paranormal investigations, David & Sue enjoy offering spiritual guidance and, of course, I’m always ready to talk about the deeper nature of Spirit in a human body. What was so lovely was to carry out a wide ranging discussion which had at its core a belief that we all shared. Whatever way we individually choose to express it we all have as a central point in our lives an acceptance of a Divine Oneness. Not necessarily a God, Goddess or Gods & Goddesess. A sense that within each of us is a connection to something ultimately loving and positive. This belief connects us with all of humanity and has done for thousands of years. Human beings have always chosen to acknowledge something intangible that exists as the connecting bond to encourage us to offer service from an altruistic perspective.

Of course we can reject this belief. We can doubt it, analyse it, criticise it. We have freedom of choice. It’s interesting that in the end the majority of us return to a belief in the Divine. It sets a context within which we can offer to be of service for the greater good. Not a rule or requirement. Not a responsibility. It’s a choice we make freely and exercise to the best of our ability within the limits we place on ourselves. It is also an encouragement to give and receive love to our selves and other. I believe that love is the fundamental force in our Universe. I believe that love energy flows outwards from the Divine Oneness and we receive as much of that force as we allow ourselves to. Alan’s acceptance of the ministry he is called to follow will put him more deeply in the flow of that love energy. He will be able to pass on to those who seek it more of the Light radiance associated with Divine Love. He will be able to do this because of his belief in a Divine source of love.

At the start of the ceremony we listened to Imagine by John Lennon. It’s one of my favourite inspirational pieces of music. Pure poetry. As we discussed belief and the barriers man made religions place around the direct connection to Divine Oneness the song reverberated around my mind. When will we return to love for one another? When will it be possible to hold very different understandings of the nature of life, the Universe and everything and be at peace with each other? When will we start to serve one another from a heart full of love? Some days it seems to me like Mission Impossinble. Other days, like today, it seems like a peaceful world is just in front of us if only we could reach out and grasp it. Whatever you believe I wish you a peaceful world, love and understanding.

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