Animals In The Spirit World: Going Missing

animalsMy lovely friend is missing her cat. He has taken off for a stroll and stayed out a bit too long. I’m sure he will wander back after his adventure. But sometimes our animals don’t. My own cat, TC, was a wanderer who never came home.

I knew that he wasn’t in the Spirit World. I often have visits at night from my animals who are already there. My first cat comes and sleeps on the bed. And my dogs often join us too. It can get a bit full at times. However, TC didn’t join us. Even though I asked for him. My other animals said he wasn’t with them and I understood that he was enjoying an extended roam around instead. He was getting on a bit, about nineteen years old, and he had gone walkabout many times in his life. I also know that he understood how I dreaded waking up and finding he had moved on in Spirit. So I’m sure he arranged to go for one last wander so I could miss him but not find him.

When I hear animals have gone missing I always ask if they are in the Spirit World. Hope and despair alternated whilst I was searching and asking about TC. After weeks of calling for him to return I had to accept he was somewhere else. That was hard. So I send out healing to the family who are missing an animal. And I try to tune in to the animal to check if it’s safe down here and ask would it like to return to it’s earthly home. Eventually all of us return to the Spirit World. I knew when TC found his way home to the other animals. They came to tell me he was with them now. The next day I got confirmation of his passing. So it’s a joy not to find animals already in the Spirit World. It means I can also send the family who are searching a blast of positive energy and hopefulness.

Most wandering animals do get back home perfectly ok. And it doesn’t seem to stop them going off on the next adventure. The ones who can’t get back because they are in Spirit are surrounded with love. They have another family to be with until we can join them again one day. So I hope my friend’s cat comes back really soon and decides not to wander for a very long time.

Day 782 of my blogging challenge