Eeek! Wild Weather, Journeying And Returning Home

Eeek!Eeek! It was a wild storm last night. So I had to wait for the weather to calm down before I started my journey home. And driving steady means I’m slightly late with my blog again. So now my fingers are galloping along to get a post live. Because I don’t like to break promises I’ve made to myself.

I had plenty of eeek! moments last night as the wind direction changed and our dwelling was battered from one side then another. A couple of times it felt like the heavy rain and driving wind would bring the windows in. Of course it didn’t. I was really very safe. But sometimes living with a risk gets my adrenalin pumping a bit too much. So I watched for the faint glimmers of the full moon. I knew she would still be shining a calm Light up there somewhere. In my shamanic practice I enjoy using the Moon energy for journeying. Stepping out of my physical self and exploring further afield.

Just like I’ve been doing for the past couple of weeks. Leaving my usual home behind and exploring a second place that already feels like home. I can do that thanks to the kindness of good friends. And in the same way my shamanic journeying is assisted by the kindness my Energy Being friends. Tonight they also made sure I got back home from all aspects of my journeying. There were no eeek! moments on the motorway. In fact I am sure our car was powered by dragon energy. She certainly roared back at the winds trying to blow her off course. As the miles ticked off and I got closer to home I could feel the pull of familiar energy. Even my house was calling me back home.

And now I am. Settling into my sofa, putting my feet up. No more eeek! experiences for today. The journey is over, as is the wild weather and calmness is flowing all around. Was it a good journey? Certainly. It brought me back to right here and right now. Did I learn anything? Certainly. Every experience is a lesson in who I am and what is important to me. So now it’s time to rest before the next journey, lol.

Day 769 of my blogging challenge