Mix Up The Ingredients To Bake With Love

cake mixToday I baked a cake. Something I have missed doing for a long while. Whilst adding ingredients into the mix I thought about the impact of this year in my life.

Like a recipe my year has had many ingredients. A dash of fizz, a huge dollop of change, some scrapings of hurt and a whole lot of love. There were moments when I thought it wouldn’t rise. Or that I would end up burned. As I continued to mix and match parts of my life I was testing it’s flavour. Did I need a dash more excitement? A little bit of structure? Maybe something more to chew on? I feel that, overall, I’ve baked a good recipe this year. And I’m enjoying the benefits of eating a ‘cake’ made with love. Yes, I know there are still a few sour tastes left in my mouth. But the mix wouldn’t be right if it was too sweet. Now I need to research my recipe for the next twelve months. It’s time to gather more ingredients.

Of course I want to be sure that anything I add boosts the love built into my cake of life. That means weighing things very carefully. Even leaving out a few things. Some of the sweet things are being replaced by my passions. Out go the Centre, Spiritualist churches & groups, my psychic art (for a while) and my groups. Also being left out are my workshops and teaching. Finally, next January my readings will be going too. They all have to make way for writing and mentoring. Not to mention book events, radio and video broadcasts and public speaking. The next twelve months is a mix to bake a fresh new cake for me. I’m sure it will be choc full of love, adventure and excitement. Knowing it will taste good I am happy to mix and blend in the perfect proportions.

Because that’s what matters. Improving the recipe. Moving the tried and tested into a make over that brings about a wonderful new surprise. How is your life cake baking? Is it full of love and magical ingredients? Do you need to find a new cook book to add more adventure to the next year? Aim to mix things up well and see what you can achieve.

Day 719 of my blogging challenge