Theories And Sacred Spaces: Reading The Energies

Theories of sacred spaceI’ve been back to visit Cairn Holy again today. The same man was sharing his theories about the purpose of the cairns with new visitors. In the distance the sea was glittering in the sunshine. Lambs and their mothers called to each other. All appeared the same. Except for the energy.

On my last visit the place was buzzing with energy. As I stepped into the first chamber of Cairn Holy 1 I felt the flood of energy washing over me. That day the cairn was drawing in Universal energy. When I stepped out I felt as if I had been flooded with Universal energy too. I felt a strong connection to this sacred place and space. I could feel the links going out to sea and into the mountain behind me. Like I was a crystal bead on a strand of Light. The energy hooked me into the place of the cairns. And showed me it’s sacred flow hidden under all the material world structures. Theories about intuitive energy have been forming in my head for a long time. On that day so many pieces of the puzzle clicked together.

Revisiting the site today I had non of that energy flow. It all seemed rather flat. Almost too quiet in one sense. But noisy in another. The gentleman had another fresh audience and was talking loudly and excitedly to them about his theories. I half listened. I heard them the last time. They are all grounded in logic. Measurement and repeatability feature heavily. The sacredness of the space seemed in a vital way to have eluded him. I thought about my ideas about intuitive energy. I’m curious about the contex of these sites for our ancestors. It seems a hard task to interpret these places becuase we continue to do so through the lens of our present day, rational minds. Standing by the stones I wondered about the intuitive way of experiencing energy.

Perhaps it’s time to tune in to the energy in an intuitive way so that we get a glimps of a different context for these places. Theories are fluid after all. Because when we discover more information the theories change. I’m adding in today’s energy data to my theory to see what else it can explain about sacred places and spaces. So, anyone for intuitive archeology perhaps?


Day 884 of my blogging challenge