Wear Away The Rocks: The Action Of Water

Rock wear and tearThis weekend on the beach I wandered through and over the rocks. My feet crunched through thousands of shells washed up by the waves. I was fascinated by the shapes of the rocks. How the action of the sea could wear away some and not other parts of the rocks.

Each range of rocks spoke of the endless wash of the water. Eroding away the layers contained in the rocks to leave lines, strata, patterns all along the beach. For me water connects with emotions. Feelings flow in waves and tides throughout my life. And my feelings can wear away, and have worn away, parts of me. My personality has been altered, I have been changed, by the tides of my emotions. How I view myself and my life is affected by seeing my experiences through the lense of what I have felt. The formations of the rocks made me think about my own patterns and ridges. Which parts of me have been sharpened or refined or stayed strong? And which parts of me have been slowly but surely crumbling away?

I also wondered if what is left is balanced somehow? Do I wear well? Or have I become worn out? I was impressed by the endurance of the rocks. They are submerged and then revealed once again. They rise and fall through the water but always retain an overall shape. It’s as if they resist for as long as they can but still have to accept the action of the water that wears them away. Because that is what is happening. The smaller, loose falls of rocks show how the larger rocks will end up at some point in time. Walking on the sand I understood that underneath my feet there still remained rock and shell. No longer large and solid. More fluid and carried by the tides here and there across the bay. But still existing.

When the wear and tear of living has worn me down and I finally crumble into the flowing energy of water, or my feelings, the ‘me’ will still remain. A foundation that I can arise from once more. A base material that can be recombined eventually into a new form. Reassured by the presence of the rocks, shells, sand and water I turned for home. I am, and will always be, me. Spirit in a human body. Engaging in life. Because I know how to flow with my feelings.

Day 885 of my blogging challenge