Psychic Pain

imageThere are times when my body aches. Or I get stray random pain. My teethe ache. My shoulder feels sore from the inside. My feet feel tight and uncomfortable. There are times when these aches and pains seem unconnected to anything I might have been doing. Or to any illness. At these times I always consider if I’m having psychic pains.

There is a type of pain defined as psychosomatic. In other words the mind is making the body feel physical pains. Often there are strong emotional causes for the thoughts which in turn create the pain. In some conditions the emotional trauma of certain events can be displaced into physical discomfort. Treating that also requires identifying and working with the underlying cause. Often the solution is to release the emotion or thoughts creating the sensitivity. The psychical aches go away when the person feeling them stops reacting to the thoughts and emotions causing the soreness.

In any situation where there are aches, soreness, discomfort it’s important to listen to the message your physical body is sending you. Ignoring pain may actually end up making the symptoms much worse. But what if the physical issue has no apparent cause? What if your body is fit and well but there is still an ache somewhere? Is it always a psychosomatic reaction to emotions and thoughts in you? I am suggesting another way that we experience painful physical symptoms. That is the acknowledgement that we can also pick up psychically through our intuition on the aches of other people.

One of our psychic senses is that of clairsentience – ‘clear feeling’ – where it is possible to ‘feel’ the emotions and physical conditions of others. It’s most often talked about as a form of mediumship where the aim is to connect with an Energy Being – usually a Spirit who has been human. However, what is less discussed is that our intuitive psychic senses also process the energy from the people physically around us as well as the Spirits who are no longer physical presences. As we start to recognise the energy of other people by paying attention to the info our psychic senses bring in we might also become aware of their pain.

I feel we are all more comfortable recognising emotional info that we pick up from others. Sometimes we feel that a friend is sad, or a colleague is angry or a family member is in a low mood. We are often prompted by that to ask how someone is feeling. Or to do something spontaneous to help them feel better. At the same time it is also important to check out if you have connected to their physical aches too. When I do Reiki healing I often find I am healing not only the person in front of me but also the person whose pain they are carrying in their aura too.

When we care about someone the energy link is strong so it is perfectly sensible that we get a bigger ‘hit’ of anything that might be affecting them. With this in mind, whenever I get an unexpected soreness or ache I always check if it might belong to someone else. Of course if I have been rock climbing (lol, not an activity I can do nowadays) and stubbed my toes I can expect the discomfort. If nothing else can explain what I am feeling I consider who I know that is in pain at the moment. Or when I might have been around someone in physical pain. Then I can send out a healing thought to that person and clean my aura by releasing the energy.

There is also another thing that I like to consider. If the soreness is reluctant to depart I also think about my past lives. The past life info in eighth chakra does filter into the aura. Especially if we are working to clear past life karmic consequences. It can recreate the injuries and illnesses we had in that past life. These physical symptoms are a reminder of something important that we discovered in that life. They appear to help us understand the wisdom. Clearing the really old stuck energy will end the karma they are helping us to pay attention to.

Becoming more aware of the source of the painful physical symptoms we experience has a positive effect. Knowing the underlying cause means we can take steps to deal with the experiencing of pain in a different way. Honouring our body’s mechanism for alerting us to dis-ease is a big step in removing that dis-ease.

Day 216 of my blogging challenge.