Accountable. Who me?

imageI’m retreating from the world again tomorrow but before I go I have to file my accounts.

One aspect of running my business is to keep track of money in and money out. Otherwise how do I know if I’m able to meet my commitments. Bills have to be paid, even if it takes some time and effort. I also have to be accountable for any taxes due, legal requirements and local taxes. Lots of ‘red tape’ so to speak. The up side of looking at my accounts is to see how much progress I’ve made in offering services that people want. Especially since a chunk of what I can offer is given for free.

I find that is one of the hardest parts of running a spiritual business. Balancing the income that keeps me able to work at what I love with my desire to make things accessible for everyone. I know I think about it often. After all, it’s up to me if I charge or not, what is charged for and when. Even how much I charge. That is where doing my accounts help me make decisions. I’m back to making sure I can pay the bills for my work space.

There is another kind of accountability though.

One of the Spiritualists principles, channelled by Emma Hardinge Britten, relates to compensation and retribution hereafter for all the good and evil deeds done on Earth. It links with another one which is Personal Responsibility. Both of these suggest that I have to consider how else I might be accountable in my business. Or life, for that matter.  Just as I balance my financial books I also need to balance my ethical books. Everything I do creates a consequence. Not only for me.

The people I offer my services to matter too. If I am giving messages from Spirit then I am accountable both to the sender and the receiver. It’s important that I do my best to work honestly, clearly and giving as much evidential information as I can. Operating my business I also have to work honestly, clearly and giving as much information as I can. Working with others it’s important that we behave as positively as we can to each other and anyone who visits us. Creating a pleasant and safe space is my responsibility but not only mine. It’s everyone’s.

Taking this wider into life I am also accountable for how I relate to myself and others.

Being mindful of my own personal ‘stuff’ I need to make sure that the energy I put out into the world supports the way I choose to live my life. I am ready to look at the big picture of my life when I get to the Afterlife. I am sure there will be some actions I have taken where I will need to make reparation. Yet I am also equally sure that there will be some actions where a balancing out will occur. Where it will turn out that I have made a positive contribution to someone or something.

Remembering that I am accountable has another purpose too. I often pause, consider and sometimes rethink my reactions to situations and people. It doesn’t matter how people react or respond to me. What I have to do is accept my responsibility for my choices. Then make the best ones I can based on my current level of understanding. It means I have no hiding place but since I have nothing to hide I’m happy to be called to account.

Day 252 of my blogging challenge.