Silent, Still, Paying Attention

Today has been about paying attention. To live an intuitive life it’s something I have had to learn to do. Being open to signs, symbols, messages of all sorts from everywhere.

As we grow up we have to learn to pay attention. My parents wanted me to do so. My school teachers also placed a lot of value on my paying attention. They all told me it was the way to learn. In work I had to pay attention too so that the right things would happen. I have spent my whole life paying attention. But to what? Mostly to duty, responsibility and all those things that others believe I should notice. Often at the expense of things that I wanted to take notice of. And certainly at the expense of the intuitive senses I have.

For instance, it took me a long time to start paying attention to my dreams. And to the coincidences that seemed to litter my life. Even to the thoughts pushed into the background by my focus on the day to dayness of living a material life. When I wanted to uncover my past lives I finally learned that I needed to observe the background thoughts. To look for the patterns that were present in my life. Because all sorts of intuitive information way trying to get into my attention. I began to notice much more. Considering my dreams, the books I read, the things people said to me and the experiences I was having I recognised themes. Especially in my dreams.

I practiced lucid dreaming. I wanted to let the inner me know I was once more paying attention. It was me giving permission for me to find out more.

Gradually I learned the meaning of my intuition. It became possible to use my intuitive senses. Through my first hesitant steps at interpreting dreams and symbols I started to see the messages all around me. Learning to meditate helped me to access the thoughts behind my thoughts. Then to create a still space where all of the intuitive information could be shown to me. So much so that the space remains even when I’m busy in my material life. All I have to do is step out for a moment or two and the guidance I need will be delivered there.

Sometimes I like to take a day to access this space. Usually in between doing my ordinary things. I encourage the silence of my busy, everyday thoughts by letting my conscious mind carry on with the doing. My intuitive, imaginative mind comes to the front. Either in meditation or with dreams it can tell me what I next need to pay attention to. Not from a duty or responsibility point of view. Or from the perspective of what others think is important. My attention can be directed to the inner journey. To my spiritual path and my sense of what will be right for me. I can receive the news of what is coming up next and how I can ride the next wave of energy to flow through my life.

In a way I’ve had a quiet day. I enjoy reading so have done so. I’ve also been daydreaming. Lots of intuitive help has presented itself through the absence of thinking. I have enjoyed a different kind of paying attention. Now I can resume my forward momentum once more.

Day 496 of my blogging challenge.