Amongst The Trees: Feeling The Earth Breathe

Amongst treesEven though it was pounding down with rain today I wanted to be out amongst the trees. It’s a short walk from here to a woodland. Once tended it seems to have been left to itself more recently. The trees shoot skywards. And the ones that have fallen slowly decay. Still providing an eco-system for lots of other species.

I love finding a tree to sit against. Enjoying the silence I can watch with wildlife, listen to the call of the birds and soak up the peace. In amongst the trees the rain also became a backdrop to my feeling of peace. Drips and drops made a tuneful sound ad the leaves rustle in the slight breeze. I adore these moments. I am reminded of the abundant planet we live on. How everything I could possibly need is provided. And how fortunate I am to share this abundance with so many others. If only we could all see it.

One of the things I really like to do sitting amongst the trees is to send my gratitude to Mother Earth. She is the reason I am able to eat, have shelter and make a good life. I love to soak up the silence and try to feel her breathe beneath me. Letting my mind slow down. Thoughts drifting through without my attention. Gradually bringing my own breathing to a pace that mirrors what I can feel from the trees themselves. Letting the background noises fade away. Sinking into a meditative state. Staring  little mantra in my mind. Sometimes a simple ‘thank you’. Other times ‘I am thankful for your gifts’. It can be as simple or complicated as I want to make it. One thought repeated over an over.

Expressing my connection with Mother Earth. There amongst the trees at the heart of her beauty. I have taken the opportunity to breathe with the Earth in many places. But the trees remain my favourite.

Day 859 of my blogging challenge