Chinese New Year: It’s My Year To Celebrate

Chinese New YearI’ve gone a little New Year crazy today. It’s Chinese New Year this time. So I’ve been thinking about new beginnings again in this New Moon. And how much there is to celebrate for me this year.

It’s the Chinese Year of the Dog. People born in this year, according to tradition, possess the best traits of human nature. They are honest, friendly, faithful, loyal, smart, straightforward, venerable and have a strong sense of responsibility. Quite a lot to live up too then! I know that the influence of Dog energy will be with me all year, keeping me focused on behaving in the best possible way I can. I’m ready to speak my truth, be open and honest and also responsible for what I say and do. In addition, I have to think things through very carefully and apply as much wisdom as I possess so I am living my life the best way for me.

I am going to be celebrating lots of things. First of all I will reach a big birthday this year. How lovely to be in the time of the Dog when loyalty will be a big influence. I’m looking forward to being loyal to myself and following my passions. It’s also a year fo significant birthdays in my family. So plenty to celebrate with the people I love. That’s one of the best Dog traits. They love endlessly and faithfully whatever the ups and downs of relationships. I’m also looking forward to a christening. Another new life joined us here on Mother Earth. That helps me focus on the legacy I am leaving. What am I doing to make sure the children of the future inherit a wonderful Earth?

The Chines calendar also reminds me that I can start afresh at any time. There are many different New Years depending on when any particular belief system decided to count from.

Along with celebrating all sorts of work anniversaries this year I can see each day as the beginning of a New Year if I wish. Being able to close the door on an old year, to start afresh each morning, will help me to put the events of yesterday behind me. Because that’s another strength of the Dog in the Chines Zodiac. Dogs keep going. And going. Hoping that their hard work will pay off eventually. And I know that whatever I decide I want to achieve it will happen. I’m that kind of personality! That’s another reason to celebrate. The Dog energy gives me a chance to see the best qualities I have. Even if there is room for improvement I know that I will eventually improve.

Finally, my Dog energy will keep me going this year. Interestingly in the Chinese tradition the year of returning to my Zodiac sign is predicted to be more challenging than the other eleven years of the cycle. I am going to celebrate all the testing, challenging events of this year. I do believe I grow more when I meet my trials head on. Especially in wisdom. Knowing how to deal with life from a spiritual perspective is important to me. One of my passions. I will celebrate because I know that the rewards come as frequently as the challenges. My life is here for me to live it as much as I can. So the Dog tendency to stay a little bit safe, to be slightly withdrawn is going to be my biggest challenge. As well as my celebration when I step out of that limitation.

Happy Chinese New Year. Whatever the Zodiac influence applying to your life this year remember to use some of the strength and straightforwardness of the Dog energy. Keep going. Be loyal. Share the love.

Day 813 of my blogging challenge