British Library: The Energy Of Books

British LibraryI’m sitting in the Members Room of the British Library writing my blog. Surrounded by the energy of books. Soaking in the waves of wisdom that float out from all the volumes collected in this place.

I love books. They have been a mainstay of my life. Whether as an escape, a way of visiting new places, as the provider of knowledge or the ways in which my mind has been opened and challenged. I can’t imagine a day without books. Although nowadays not all of what I read is on paper. And here in the heart of the British Library I feel the weight of all those volumes. Ready to inform, teach or transport me to a new understanding. I feel that’s why I’ve become so passionate about my own writing. Because I feel I have things to say to the people who need to understand what mediumship is all about. Sharing my own experiences and wisdom I guess.

It’s not exactly quiet here in the British Library. But there is an air of study. Many, many people searching and picking up the threads of knowledge from the books. It makes me wonder how we would have evolved without the written word. If our storytelling and knowledge transfer had stayed an oral tradition. I think about the vast wisdom and knowledge base my Guides have at their fingertips. They access it through a shared consciousness. Intuitive knowing instead of logical reading. Would I have acquired my knowledge base in a more intuitive fashion from the passing on of information by word of mouth? Perhaps or perhaps not. As a system it fell into disuse when we started to make marks and develop agreed word systems.

However, the creativity of the ways the information is organised remains. All the books in the British Library represent individual views of what should or could be recorded. I know these were an attempt to share what was considered important knowledge at the time the book was written. And in the end some of that knowledge may have been surpassed. Or the view of past events been reinterpreted. Even completely overturned. Yet the volumes remain. A testament to human evolution.

Day 777 of my blogging challenge