Questioning As Part Of The Spiritual Journey

questioningQuestioning has been a big part of my spiritual journey. Something that I have written about before in a couple of my blogs. Yet as I come to the end of my challenge I realise that asking questions has also been a key part of my whole life.

I had a lovely comment from Angela on yesterday’s blog. She said “How well you seem to understand yourself. It’s refreshing and honest. Reflecting on how we work must be the key to opening ourselves to new adventures and advances. I enjoy very much reading your blogs and insights.” As I wrote my answer it made me think about the all questioning I have done.

Here is what I said: Thank you Angela. I feel a key part of our spiritual development is the realisation that we have to become self-aware and self-reflective. The questions I have posed to myself in my blogs are all in an effort to understand what makes us successfully balance the Spirit Within with the human experiences we all have. It’s not an easy balance by any means. Our perceptions are distorted. This world is energetically demanding. And yet we can find hope and altruism all around us if we look. Especially if we take that new journey and connect with the non-physical beings who want to help and sustain us. I would encourage anyone who wants to develop their intuitive abilities to write, journal, diary. It’s very cathartic and enlightening.

I know that writing has been a big part of my life too. Daily journals and diaries, notebooks collected over years, scraps of paper with notes, quotes and jottings. Questioning myself, the world and the unknown. What I can see now is the gradual emergence of the Spirit Within. The unconditionally loving part that nudges me along the path to knowing myself more completely. A compassionate voice encouraging me to step through my fears and move forward being the best I can be. It’s there. Hidden in all of the words, thoughts and feelings. Each question another step in listening to and learning about myself.

Questioning is the way to evolution and enlightenment. My Guides say they always prefer goats rather than sheep. I haven’t followed blindly. I’ve been hard work a lot of the time. Yet I also know that I serve through what I do from the best possible of motive. I serve because it’s what I choose to do. Have you started asking questions yet? If so, also remember to write. The answers you get might surprise you.

Day 998 of my blogging challenge