Bring On The New Me: A Treat Filled Day

bring good foodOne of the things working with Spirit has taught me is to bring all my energy to bear into creating a positive day for myself. After all, it may be my last day of earthly life. So they always encourage me to make sure it’s a good one.

Of course, old habits are hard to break. I’ve spent most of my life doing what I should, must or ought to do. According to what other people thought those things were. When my Guides first encouraged me to put myself first I felt very uncomfortable. Giving to others and not to myself was so deeply ingrained I felt guilty just thinking about receiving. They had to bring me this message time and again until I finally started to understand it. How can I give to others in any meaningful way if I don’t count myself as someone worth being given too. Over many years I have tried to turn this old pattern around. And recognise I can give much more if I have first taken care of me.

Which brings me to today. It’s been a day of many wonderful treats: gifts from one friend, lovely catch up time spent with another, feeding my body with good food and a facial, picking up tickets for a trip, putting new bedding on the bed. All these things bring me a sense of contentment. They generate a positive flow of energy in me. I feel good about my day and myself. You see, what my Guides wanted me to understand is that dealing with the uncertainty of life isn’t about control. Organising all of my time in such a way that it feels full of purpose. Giving in order to hold fear at bay. Instead, it’s about each moment. Because each one can bring me a good life experience if I let it. Even on the most challenging of days.

If I bring my attention into right now, give myself permission to enjoy what I’m doing and forget about what comes next I am giving to myself. And lots more things become treats instead of tasks. I’ve had a good, great, fab day. I hope you have too.

Day 772 of my blogging challenge