Decorating The Tree: Remembering Christmas Past

decorating the treeWe have been decorating a Christmas tree today. Getting ready for another celebration in this season of Light festivals. As I picked out the baubles it drew me back to Christmas past.

I love ‘A Christmas Carol’ by Charles Dickens with it’s themes of love, loss, redemption and community. Although it was written over one hundred and seventy years ago it’s still relevant today. And the name Scrooge has become a deeply ingrained name to represent the miser in all of us. The Victorians gifted us many of our current Christmas traditions, including decorating the tree, although they also echo many Pagan themes. I like this thread of continuity as we link back into earlier times. Charles Dickens also links his main character back to Christmas Past so that Scrooge can see where his life got out of step. The reflective moment I had when I was doing our tree.

I have been able to enjoy many great Christmas celebrations. My family and friends have featured in nearly all of them. I love that we have been able to gather and enjoy time together. Even in the times when that wasn’t always possible the phone and internet kept us close. My memories are precious. Because I know that love can be in short supply in the world. Yet I have never lacked love and kindness. But I do wonder about others in our global communuty who may look at Christmas Past with sad eyes. Decorating a tree when  loved ones are no longer there becomes a challenge. Loosing loved ones changed the shape of my life. And the shape of my Christmas celebrations. Yet I also know that my loved ones are still with me bringing the gift of their love.

Their love made sure my life didn’t get out of step. Mistakes yes, but never cutting myself off from recognising that kindness matters. Decorating my tree I realised that I have no regrets about my Christmas Past memories. They are happy, positive and filled with love. I’m looking forward to making more good memories this year too.

Day 759 of my blogging challenge