Hopefully Exploring Past, Present And Future

hopefullyHopefully I can return to my past lives again in the future. Yet today was the last workshop I will be doing for a while. On any subject. It was perfect that it was about the karmic threads of our past lives.

I have spent most of my life exploring my own, and then other people’s, past lives. It’s a subject that fascinates me. Whilst doing it I’ve understood a lot of my own karmic threads and patterns. Hopefully I have balanced them off enough that the karmic ripples have now settled and I will have future lives that address different learning. Looking into the causes of my life patterns I have also learned to pay attention to what I’m doing now. To help myself understand I can’t possibly judge whether something will work out as i plan or not. It’s been a valuable lesson in trust and letting go of control. So much so that the changes I am making are happening very early. Because I’m not thinking about the outcomes.

I’m staying focused on what I feel, what attracts me about the things I do and whether I get a strong positive energy from what I’m putting into practice. Like today. I had the perfect group of people for my workshop. There were endless synchronicities. And much laughter. Hopefully my future work will contain the same magical ingredients too. That’s my point to the Universe. I would like to follow a future path that puts me in the right place at the right time for all of the best reasons. I’m feeling good about the work I see in front of me for the next six or twelve months. But I also know that if something has not worked as it should the Universe will correct it. Knowing this I have high hopes.

Getting to a state of hopefulness has taken me some time and effort. I’ve had to recognise when I drift away from seeing my past, present and future in a positive light. And I’ve had to understand my reasons for those moments of drift. So that I can release what may be holding me back. And return myself to feeling and thinking hopefully about my future. Are you looking ahead hopefully? It really does help if you can.

Day 720 of my blogging challenge