Strength of Purpose: Make Dreams Happen

I’ve been out and about today talking to lots of people. What pinged in my mind was their strength. It seems I was talking to people who had overcome lots of things to make their dreams into reality.

Sometimes when I’m wobbling I forget my own strength. It’s easy to do when fear grabs hold of you. Or anger, anxiety and panic. In my off balance moments it feels like my legs have gone from under me. I don’t know if my feet are on solid foundations or not. In fact I remember that feeling very well from a year ago when I actually suffered a concussion. If I ever needed a reminder of what a wobble can do to me physically it was that experience of dealing with a head injury. And it’s aftermath. I didn’t regain my sense of smell for many months.

Today I was reminded that what we have inside is a core of strength. Even in those times when we feel at our weakest. I know that it’s possible to keep going. To dig in and dig deep. There is in me a part that refuses to give up on me. Or on life. It was that same part of me that pushed me forward through the flooding on Boxing Day. The bit that insisted I still had a secure home and business. A small piece of me hanging on in there through more challenges in my year than I ever espected. Somewhere a strength of purpose kept me going. Even if I didn’t know what purpose I was pushing forward with.

That was the interesting thing about my conversations. People pushing themselves onward with no clear idea of where they would end up. But everyone with a dream of where they wanted to be.

Whether for better health. Or more abundance. For life to be peaceful. That relationships would be loving. To reach and help people. The dreams were really clear. And to me, so was their strength. Each person was doing as much as they could to make their dream a reality. Without excuses. With focus. And with expectations. I have no doubt that these people will achieve their dreams. So I took from this an important message for me too. It’s time to push myself onward. To strengthen my purpose and focus on what I’m dreaming of doing.

I have a lovely spray called No Matter What. It’s rather amazing as I channeled in what it smells like. My wonderful friend Jan at Ostrich Angels ran with my idea. She took the choice I’d made and turned it into soap, candles and a spritzer. Every time I use it it reminds me that I have to keep going no matter what. It calls forward the part of me that has strength of purpose. I feel determined. Ready to work as hard as I can to make my dreams happen. Whether that work is inner or outer world stuff. Or even both.

When I am wobbly I remind myself that I am strong. I think about my dreams and remind myself that they can happen. Recognising the confusion that a wobble can bring I give myself time to find my balance again. Then I push on with the next step. Please remember how strong you are. Keep your dreams in your mind’s eye. Move forward ?

Day 398 of my blogging challenge.

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