Storm Eleanor, Full Moon: Wave Upon Wave Of Energy

stormI saw the moon last night, nearly full and incredibly bright, and basked in waves of energy. Tonight I’m in the middle of Storm Eleanor, the night is cloudy and the rain is pelting down. More waves of energy!

Somewhere up above the clouds the moon will be full tonight. Beaming positive energy in my direction. Whilst the wind and rain bring a huge blast of clearing storm energy. It’s time to send out my biggest dreams for this year. Ideas that have been floating around in my mind now need to get out into these waves of energy. So they can be carried far and wide. In time they will loop back to me, on a breeze or a sunbeam, a moonbeam or a tide, bringing me all that I’ve asked for. The secret is for me to dream big and then bigger. With so much positive energy around anything is possible.

I’m also excited about the wild energy because it brings the possibility that the storm will blow new things my way. Inside the chaos it carries infinite possibilities. Energy that can power me forward if I let it. All I have to do is let go of my expectations and go with the flow. As an air sign I’m used to being carried on the wind but in a wild storm I know I can end up anywhere. Am I headed for Oz? Or the stars? Will I be flung far out into the Universe? Or swoop across the oceans to the mountains? Wherever I’m carried it will certainly be an adventure. I’m open to all possibilities and looking forward to the calm afterwards. Because I know that I am learning to surf the energy waves successfully.

Full moon storm energy is blowing through my life right now. Empowering me to use the waves as I need. Encouraging me to achieve my desires. Enhancing my abilities. And gifting me as much forward momentum as I need.

Day 768 of my blogging challenge 

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