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imageI love the word stickability. I heard it several times today at my PartyLite meeting when we were talking about the qualities good business leaders have. Stickability is the skill of persevering. You might also know it as staying power. When we find it within ourselves to keep going even when it seems we are the most challenged. I’ve had to practice stickability in my life a lot. Yet it’s something I often forget to praise myself for enough.

When people come along to my workshops or events so that they can develop their mediumship I always ask them to decide if they are determined enough for what it takes to communicate with the Spirit World. Everyone usually answers yes. Then the real work of developing begins – practice, practice and more practice. Days & months of little or no progress (apparently), patchy connections and bity communications. A lot of people drift off looking for an easier route. Some people stick with it for a while, get to a certain level then feel like they have done enough. A few brave people keep going. They have stickability. I know they will get there in the end. And I know their efforts will have been worth it because their mediumship will be delivered from a place of true understanding.

We have become used to the quick fix. Most things are ‘on demand’ in one way or another. We don’t expect to really have to wait for anything. Our expectations are set so high that a life setback can seem like our whole world has been destroyed. We aren’t patient with ourselves, others or the world. I speak as someone who has had a karmic pattern of impatience to deal with all my life. However at the heart of excellent mediumship is time, energy and effort. We all start with the raw ability to connect with energy beings. It’s an unpolished skill so sometimes it works wonderfully and sometimes not. The level of control needed to be consistent isn’t there. That’s what we are learning when we say we are developing. ¬†And there is no quick or easy way to get the control over our psychic senses – especially if we don’t even trust ourselves or our senses in the first place.

So stickability will definitely help. It’s at this point that I also want to say that we can develop stickability too. We can understand that staying power is up to us – how much, how long, when & where we will stick to persevering. Of course it’s also useful to know when to stop flogging a dead horse. But until the ‘horse’ has actually taken its last breath we too need to keep going. Thinking about my own stickability and how it has developed I feel that staying power comes through most strongly when you are passionate about what you do, when you believe in yourself and what you are doing and when you trust yourself enough to know you can turn any challenge into a positive outcome. So if I get a bit wobbly round the edges I go and mix with my stickability mates – those friends in my spiritual, PartyLite or artistic communities who will let me let off steam and then gently (or not, lol) get me pointing back in the right direction.

Where in your life do you need your stickability right now? Who is helping you to persevere? Can you trust yourself enough to know that you will get through this? Where has your passion disappeared to or how did you let it die? Find the people who inspire you and look at what they do to make sure they have enough staying power. Then rediscover your own power to persevere. You can get through this and anything to achieve what you dream of. Trust yourself enough to know that you will always succeed in the end.

Day 99 of my blogging challenge.

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  1. In the short time Annie that you have been on my FB I have read your recent blogs which I have enjoyed. This last blog of stickability was interesting to me, and wrote at the right time for me. Since xmas I have increased my mediation sessions, awaken now I have slowed down so that I can clearly see everthing I need to know or be told. Becoming more patient and open and waiting for the next direction in all areas of my life, to continue my quest to help myself so I can help others as thats what I came here to do in this life. As a nurse of over 30 yrs caring is my job, as a Personal Trainer I will continue to do that but in a different way. And believe it or not am on a blogging course to help me stick to getting the confidence to write from the heart, and make my business thrive the way I know it can. Seeing your success today on 100 blogs gives me hope to me that one I can do it but STICK to it lol. WELL DONE ANNIE. X?

  2. Thank you for your lovely comments Linda ? Stick with blogging & writing because as you do your own voice will emerge strong and true. Let me know where I can access your blog as I’d love to read your writing from your heart ?

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