Step Off the World

imageEvery now and again I take a day off the planet. Although there are plenty of things I could be doing or experiencing I like to step out of the world for a while. When you are open to the flow of energy and recognise, through your intuition, the different waves of emotional energy that bathe the Earth it can be a relief to withdraw into your own energy. I use my mindful mediation and Reiki practice to help me balance the energies I experience on a day to day basis. Otherwise I would be all over the place, energetically speaking, reacting to stuff that didn’t belong to me. However, every once in a while I need more peace. That’s when I step out of the flow.

When I’m fully occupied I might not always notice where there is energy building that is taking me off balance. Today has been about staying in my home, quietly reading, reflecting and checking out my own energy. This ‘down time’ is a step I give myself when I have been very busy and around lots of people.  I had a couple of vivid dreams overnight to help me process the energy of recent events in my life. And one of the dreams was also about releasing some past life energy connected to current issues. When I’m insulated from other people I can focus my attention on anything I might be stuck with.

I believe that we are all sensitive to energy and can get stuck holding on to our or other people’s emotions. Clearing that energy isn’t always simple. Taking a step out of the world is a good way to recognise and give yourself time to rebalance your own energy. You can spend as much time as you can give yourself and really rebalance. So what do I do? On one of my Stepping Off days I ignore any housework, work tasks, the phone and the Internet. I leave the TV off. I have silence as my companion. It also helps that I can arrange for a day when I’m completely on my own (cats excepted, lol). I may read, meditate or sleep as long as I like (no alarm clock to switch off). I eat when I feel hungry and drink plenty of water. I hold in my mind the intention to notice myself. I pay as much attention to my feelings and thoughts as I can without siting there stressing about what I’m paying attention to. I let myself daydream. I try to ‘drift’ through the day without making any active decisions.

What I am consciously doing is creating a space for me to notice where anything may be off balance. Am I still stewing over something from yesterday, last week or last year? What is my physical body trying to get me to notice? Where are the aches and pains so I can work out what stuck energy they represent. Has my body slept enough or do I need more? What dream images come forward and what could they be getting me to notice? Am I contented in myself? What niggles me? Spending time in this way I can explore why I might be holding on to feelings and thoughts that pull my energy out of shape. I can track the emotional energy back to see how it arose. That gives me options about how I release the feelings or thoughts. Often it’s enough to notice what I’m feeling and why I feel that way. The I can help myself by changing the way I feel.

If you are feeling out of balance, or the emotional energy of your life seems to be overwhelming, why not have a day where you step out of everything too. It might seem a bit of a challenge to arrange the time. Occasionally I’ve had to take myself off for a spa day or visit a peaceful place to get the time I need. So look for an opportunity that works for you. Make rebalancing your energy a regular part of your self care. Give some time to yourself. It will work wonders for your energy and your life.

Day 168 of my blogging challenge.

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