The Stars Align Under A Full Moon With Eclipse

StarsWhilst I was away this weekend I took the chance to look at the stars. There are interesting things afoot in the heavens at the moment. Not least because of an energy alignment that will affect all of us.

There is a Native American Peoples tradition that the first humans came from the Dog Star – Sirius – and that we have been helped by the people of that star to develop as human beings. It’s Sirius that makes some powerful waves tomorrow in what Is called the Lions Gate. The Earth, Sun and Sirius are in alignment with galactic central. The energy of two suns will beam it’s way through to us as a double blast of Light energy. This is being helped by the Full Moon calling all of us to manifest our deepest desires. With an eclipse thrown in to get us to clear away the fog that usually clouds our vision. Stars influencing who we are once again.

Of course humanity used the stars to help us discover who we really are for thousands of years. There are some sophisticated ancient circles and monuments that reflect a deep knowledge of star lore. With lots of instances of rituals reflecting knowledge of the heavens. Sometimes it feels like modern day man is only just catching up with what our ansectors seemed to know. So why is that important right now? I know that we are at the end of a long journey. For the past ten months I have been writing about the need to get acquainted with my shadow side. How I have had to learn to value myself, love myself and trust my abilities. Because I am almost on the point of stepping into my future mission.

But it’s not only the stars that I’m watching. I have been getting regular information from my Guides to prepare myself for the spiritual shift of the coming two months.

In practical terms that has left me thinking very deeply about who I am. And what is on my shadow side. As well as working out what skills and abilities I have. Then making sure I am valuing them appropriately. I have also had to walk through the wobbles that my fears have caused. Then to put my value out into the world. In addition I have been noticing which things make my heart sing. And what I am doing that causes me pain, upset or a dragging feeling. Bit by bit I have been letting go of anything that feels like it is pulling me back. Keeping an eye on my personal stars and my numerology.

I’ve been looking for patterns and habits that need to end. Taking the time to reconnect back with people who I value and who value me. Because I will need all of these positive relationships to help me master the changes that are coming along. I’m not surprised I’m writing about the energy shift again on a master number blog. 632 adds up to 11. The master number that combines most powerfully the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies. The power to create and manifest. It’s time for me to bring more balance to the world in a creative energy flow represented by feminine energy. But I will also need the ‘make it so’ energy of my masculine side. The stars are reminding me, and helping me, to make the spiritual life I really want to live.

Take notice of the stars. Their influence this month is very powerful. Use the opportunity to make sure you have done all of the preparations for your new life. I wish you well on your adventure.

Day 623 of my blogging challenge 

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