Standards: What Is A Good Reading? How Will I know?

standardsI have always had standards. A level of quality I like to apply to my work. Any work. All work. When I started to do readings it was no different to my other activities. I aimed high.

Of course when I start something new my standards might be lower than when I am more experienced at it. But I always like to work to the best of my ability. That has been a very positive approach to my mediumship. Quite early on my Guides and I started to discuss what makes a good reading. They had me visit many demonstrations of mediumship so I could listen to the messages. I have to say I pinched several ways of expressing myself from those dedicated mediums. And I also found myself considering what I would never want to say either. I also took the opportunity to have readings myself. To experience how it felt, and what I thought, as each person told me the information they got. Some were amazing. Others left quite a bit to be desired.

It all helped me to iron out my standards. So that I could improve the way I worked and ensure that people got an authentic, evidenced reading. That also made then feel they had been in contact with a loved one. That’s why I understand that everyone is on a learning curve. But also that the people giving readings must be very aware that they hold great power by the messages they give. In my view a reading has to be clear, understandable and positive. I ask my Guides and the Spirit visitors to explain things in an organised fashion. With respect to their own personalities. I ask for evidence before I go into the message. And when they tell me the message I also ask for things that are helpful to the person in front of me.

Vague warnings, doom and gloom, frightening pronouncements. My standards mean I stop the reading if any of those are brought to me.

After thousands of readings I understand that the Spirit people want to bring love and support. Even when the message might be difficult for the person to hear. Sometimes I get connections from people who the sitter didn’t love on this side of life. Or where an ending has been painful or traumatic. The Spirit people want to repair relationships. And bring some peace of mind to the person getting the reading. That’s why the doom and gloom stuff never features. They know only too well that life has it’s ups and downs. Their wish is to help us swim through the challenging tides of life. Not to pull us down into drowning.

So when you go for a reading think carefully. If a message is coming through that is upsetting or frightening it’s not your loved ones talking. The psychic or medium may be inexperienced. Or they may have plugged into low vibrational energy. Perhaps they have very low standards of what they will pass on. Or they are working with an ulterior motive. Stop the reading straight away. Explain that you are not satisfied with the message coming through. A medium or psychic who wants to offer quality readings will understand. They may rearrange the reading to another time and date if you wish. And they certainly won’t ┬ácharge if you have only been with them five or ten minutes. Reputable people are like this.

Reputable people have high standards. Like me they understand why and how they work for the Spirit World. Be an educated sitter. Use a psychic or medium who is prepared to work to the best of their current ability. And isn’t afraid to say that they haven’t got a link. Or that they are having an off day. It’s your reading. Make sure you get the best one you can.

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