Sprinkles of sunshine

imageOne of today’s themes has been all about sprinkles of sunshine. First of all the sun came out from behind the clouds. Here in the UK we focus endlessly on the weather because it really can be unpredictable. Living in a place where it tends to rain a lot any sunshine is a nice bonus. That wonderful combination of sun and rain means I’m also lucky enough to live in an area that is very green. The trees are budding, daffodils are bouncing into flower and my garden is full of the signs of Spring. Although I have to say my friend the Gnome is still a bit grumpy with me for not yet tidying up around the flower pots. And yes, I do mean a gnome, an elemental who lives to be of service to Mother Earth, who has a warm heart but tells me off every time I go in and out of the house.

There was a ray of sunshine too when I dropped off a donated TV to someone who needed it. I love to be involved in re-homing things. We have become so used to disposing of things once we have the next new technology that we forget what it cost Mother Earth to provide the old technology for us. Even the carpets in the Centre, when they are replaced this week, will be going on to a new home. They are still usable and will help someone who might not be able to get comfy new floor covering yet. Also this week in the Centre two car booster seats and a uniform have found new homes because other people also look to re-home not throw away. So plenty of sprinkles of sunshine around those acts of giving.

I’ve been fortunate enough today to sprinkle some rays of sunshine on behalf of the Spirit World too. I love doing readings for people. Connecting them to loved ones and Guides is a great privilege. Not only because I can pass on the love, laughter and positive encouragement of their loved ones. I get to work within a beautiful, loving energy too. The Spirit World are kind enough to share their energy with me so that I feel like I have spent hours in the sunshine too. On top of that, as my Mum is one of my Guides, I also got to catch up with her today too. She was ‘on duty’ in my Guide team and looked after all of the Spirits who stepped in to talk through me. Another sprinkle of sunbeams!

There were also sunbeams in all of my conversations with people who dropped by for a while. It’s lovely to sit and listen to how everyone is doing, to catch up on thier news and to notice the progress they are making in their lives too. Helping conversations turn into positive affirmations about our lives is a fab outcome for me. So much positive radiated from all of the conversations. New ideas, fresh directions, interesting options and powerful choices featured – even when the person speaking might not have realised that that is what they were saying. Sprinkles of sunshine are contagious. It only takes one person to say something positive, or be excited about something that is happening, and everyone wants to join in. Chat, smiles and laughter soon follow when we are all celebrating our successes.

Finally, a huge sprinkle of sunshine happened during my one to one teaching session. I love helping someone to find their Guides and inspirers. Building up a relationship of trust is a key part of starting to believe in your own abilities. Guides are our first opportunity to trust that what we are seeing, hearing or sensing is real. They can help us remove the promptings of our ego doubt. So being with someone as they make those initial steps of connection is wonderful. The Guides who came brought the confirmation that my student had been looking for. The sun really did shine on this way of working closer together.

I tend to write my blog last thing of the day. It helps me to reflect on what has happened, process how my day has felt and clear my energy field for the new day ahead. Today I have been in so much Light, surrounded by peaceful, loving kindness and hope. I will treasure the sprinkles of sunshine that I’ve stored away in my memory to help me when the clouds roll in. Life, like the weather, is unpredictable, changeable. My store of sprinkles will keep me in the warmth of the Light until I notice then next sunbeams that fall into my day. I wish you many sunbeam sprinkled days to balance the clouds.

Day139 of my blogging challenge.

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